6 Easy Steps to Painting Company SEO

SEO, marketing, improving your ranking in search engines -- otherwise referred to as search engine optimization or website ranking-- is one of the most important tools in a painter's toolbox.
6 easy steps to painting contractor seo
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SEO, marketing, improving your ranking in search engines — otherwise referred to as search engine optimization or website ranking– is one of the most important tools in a painter’s toolbox.

Where (and IF) you show up in search results pages significantly influences the amount of web traffic you receive, which dramatically impacts your business’s likelihood to draw in new painting projects. 

Better SEO creates better possibilities of being seen.

Simply put, search engines include a pre-organized database of links, all of which are set up according to their content and appeal. When a user enters a keyword or phrase into a search page, they are given a list of relevant results.

how a search engine like google works

Chances are, since you’re reading this article, you’re somewhat interested in using SEO to help expand your painting business. Be sure to read our comprehensive guide to Super Easy SEO for Small Businesses.

How to Increase your Painting Contractor’s SEO

While the process of getting better results in the SERPs (search engine results pages) is a complicated one, there are ways that you can develop your website so that it ranks better in search engine results. 

Below are a few techniques for improving your painting website’s SEO and web traffic.

Ensure your content is relevant.

One of the best methods to improve your search engine ranking is by creating material that engages your target audience. 

As a guideline, you should identify one or two main keywords for your page– say, for example, “Louisiana painter” or “painting contractor”– and utilize these throughout your site. 

painting contractor keywords
painting contractor keywords

Not sure what keywords perform best for painters, here’s a start: highest-performing SEO Keywords for Painters (The Ultimate List)

Identifying the correct keywords increases your prospects of appearing in related search engine results.

Although creating content that’s optimized for search engines is critical for your website’s success, make sure that your content is written for humans and not search engines.

If you’re stuck on what to write about, we wrote an article to help you: The Ultimate Guide to Painting Contractor Blog Post Ideas

Avoid duplicated content.

Avoiding duplicated content on your website goes hand-in-hand with producing high-quality, user-focused material.

Content that is the same or too close to other pages on your website is difficult for search engines to rank because they can’t figure out which version to include in their database.

As a result, your pages will compete amongst themselves in the SERPS (this process is called cannibalization).  

Avoid the temptation of being more focused on your painting company’s web presence than user engagement and fulfillment by creating original content for each page.

If you’d rather have a professional copywriter create painting-specific content, we can help you with that.

Pay attention to structural hierarchy.

How you tag and buy your material makes a distinction in your search result rankings

Heading tags (h1, h2, h3, and so on) are especially crucial to a high-ranking page, as these tags tell the search engines how relevant your material is to the searcher’s inquiry and intent.

Consider the following image:

different types of heading tags in a wordpress sites html

When search engine crawlers move through your headers, they look at how consistent your heading keywords are with the rest of the content, lending a better description of your page’s content.

Make sure to keep your headings in order as your content gets more detailed and don’t make the common mistake of having more than one H1 on a single page.

Remember, heading tags aren’t for styling purposes but for presenting your content clearly and orderly.

Focus on cross-linking.

Your pages and blog posts will get a lot more “SEO love” if there are links to them from other pages on your website. Look through your blog site material and see if there are any words or expressions that can be connected to other blog site posts.

natural internal linking strategy for SEO
natural internal linking strategy for SEO

Update your content often.

It’s not just enough to have a web presence– you’ve also got to keep it. 

A website that hasn’t been updated for a while might not seem as legitimate as a site that was recently modified.

Keep users in the loop by publishing about your most current painting projects or business news, and try to create at least one new blog post a week. 

Upgraded material suggests to search engines (and customers) that your website’s content is appropriate and worth being discovered.

Make use of social media.

Not only can you share your own content to increase your painting company’s appeal, but social media also allows your fans, followers, and previous customers to do the same. Use the image below for an average of how often you should post on different social media platforms.

how often plumbing companies should post on social media

Not only do they enable you to share your own material (previous painting jobs, company news, etc.) to increase appeal and relevance; your fan base can likewise share your posts with their fans, therefore practically “crowdsourcing” your material. 

We even created an article on How To Create a Business Facebook Business Page in 7 Simple Steps to help you get started.

Between the SEO benefits and the enhanced marketing presence, social media needs to be your best friend.

Let’s Recap Painting Company SEO

When a searcher types in their query in the search engines, they are given a list of possible answers to their question.

Your painting company’s website’s location in the list of results is dependent on your content’s:

  • relevancy
  • originality
  • heading structure
  • internal and external links
  • freshness
  • social media engagement

If you follow those six steps to painting contractor SEO success we’ve discussed and continually provide your website’s visitors with fresh, engaging, and relevant content, you’re certain to rank higher in search engines like Google.

We help Painting Contractors Achieve SEO Success.

If you’d like to level up your painting company’s SEO by ranking higher in the SERPs to get more web traffic (and more profits), contact us today for your free painting contractor SEO consultation.

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