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Our Pay-Per-Click Advertising with Google AdWords is a proven method for attracting more visitors to your website.  our experienced and certified digital advertising specialists know how to manage your ads campaigns!

We realize that it can be very complex, and getting the best out of the platform requires much skill, experience, and a significant time commitment.

By Following our proven PPC methodology, we professionally manage Pay-Per-Click Internet Advertising Campaigns with Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft AdCenter.

It can be hard to know where to start with Google Adwords, and it’s easy to waste money if you’re not careful.

There are a lot of myths about Google Adwords, and a lot of businesses don’t understand how it works or how to use it effectively.

Our team has years of experience with Google Adwords and we can help you set up a campaign that will reach your target customers and help you achieve your business goals. We offer a free consultation so that we can assess your business and discuss the best way to use Google Adwords to reach your target market. Contact us today to get started!

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Google Ads

Do you want to get your business more exposure quickly and become visible on top of the search engines results pages?

PPC ads are the best option for you. Get in touch with BlakSheep Creative today to discuss PPC ads and how they can help increase the number of clients who visit your business website! More exposure equals more sales!

BlakSheep Creative is a full-service digital agency committed to helping local businesses become more visible online through PPC advertising and PPC landing pages.

Call us today at (225) 505-3834 for a free consultation! We can help you drum up new leads and increase the number of clients who visit your local business website!

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Frequently Asked Questions About PPC


Our proprietary smart campaigns ensure that you get to the top of the results page and stay there by:

  • Conducting a thorough analysis of your business services.
  • Researching keywords and search terms applicable to your products or services.
  • Planning and developing comprehensive ad group structures with relevant keywords.
  • Creation of all ad text.
  • Ensuring proper keyword and copy landing page relevance.
  • Identify and implement appropriate bid strategy / calculate the maximum bid for ROI.
  • Creating landing pages for ad destinations guaranteed to keep click-through rates at a  maximum.    
  • Tracking ad rank, search results, and return on investment via google analytics, and other proprietary mechanisms.

Any Google AdWords campaign is a continuous improvement process to constantly improve the ROI.

First, create a conversion tracking plan to track conversions from the beginning of your campaign.

Next, use Google Analytics to determine the traffic sources that are delivering quality leads.

Then, update the ads, keywords and ad groups in your campaign to maximize conversion potential.

Utilize Google AdWords reports to understand where you are getting conversions from and what is converting at a high rate.

Finally, always keep an eye on your competitors to see what kind of campaigns they are running and how you can improve upon them.

Before the first ad is launched, one of our specialists will study your website and research your industry, including general practices, your competition and your current Pay-Per-Click Strategy (if you have one) in order to get a sense of your goals and other factors that will contribute to moving your Pay-Per-Click approach forward.

Next, we will discuss your current account, industry, your knowledge, and many other factors in detail. We specialize in our business and you specialize in yours.

By combining our knowledge, we can create an effective and profitable Pay-Per-Click Strategy.

Our Account Managers work diligently to make sure your company is getting the results you desire.  Our job is to get help you dominate google search, both organically through solid SEO campaigns, as well as utilizing pay per click advertising.

Google Ads is a program that allows businesses to place ads on Google and its partner websites. These ads display atop, to the side of, or below the organic search results, so you don’t have to wait for your SEO to kick in.

A business that uses Google Ads can generate more awareness about their brand. This is because people are usually searching for relevant keywords on Google and most users will notice these ads. These ads may also help people who are looking

Google Ads can help you reach new customers and grow your business. You can tailor your ads to reach people based on what they’re looking for, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

When someone searches for a term related to your business on Google, your ad may appear next to the search results. When someone clicks on your ad, they’ll be taken to your website or to a page where you’ve placed your ad.

It depends on the target market of your business and what you want your ads to achieve. Your costs can range as low as $1 per click for some keywords, but it also depends on the competition for those keywords. The more difficult it is to rank for a given keyword (i.e., the more competitive), the higher your costs will be to rank for it.

A conversion tracking plan is a document that outlines how you will track conversions from the beginning of your AdWords campaign. This document should include information about the types of conversions you will track, the conversion goals you have set for your campaign and the methods you will use to track conversions.

If your account has very low conversion rates, you need to identify and fix the problem. You can begin by using Google Analytics to determine which traffic sources are delivering quality leads. Then, update your ads to maximize conversion potential. Review the AdWords reports to understand where you are getting conversions from and what is converting at a high rate.

If your account has high CPL, you should determine why this is occurring. You can begin by determining which traffic sources are delivering quality leads and evaluating their costs per lead. If you find very high CPL rates for a specific source, pause the associated campaign if it isn’t already paused or remove the source. You can also adjust your bids so that your ads only show when you aren’t paying more than your target CPL.

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