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BlakSheep Creative is a veteran-owned and operated boutique digital marketing agency based in Denham Springs, Louisiana.

Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service that helps our clients achieve their goals through creativity, strategy, and digital expertise.

We are passionate about helping business owners grow their companies by using the latest technology to target customers effectively.

With over 20 years of combined experience, we know how important it is for your business to be on the cutting edge of web design trends, SEO techniques, and social media marketing strategies.

We offer an array of services from traditional website design & development all the way up to full eCommerce solutions which include custom programming and inventory management tools written specifically for your company’s needs.

BlakSheep Creative is your #1 agency for graphic and web design in Baton Rouge. Hammond, and beyond.

While we love to build websites, we also offer branding products and promotional videos, custom logos, SEO consultations, web hosting, digital graphics, motion graphics, and social media management.

We pride ourselves on building relationships, not just websites.

You dream it, we build it!

clint sanchez dressed up at fema headquarters
partner / developer / seo analyst

Clint Sanchez

Clint is an Army Veteran and is currently on year 23 of service at the Baton Rouge Fire Department in the capacity of a Fire Inspector.  He was serving as a volunteer guitarist at a local church when the social media / web designer moved, leaving a void in that area of service.  It was at that point that Clint was thrust into the capacity and brought on staff to handle all things marketing for the church.  Shortly thereafter, after designing and developing websites for several local churches and organizations, BlakSheep Creative was born.  Clint’s experience in service to others, his impeccable eye for design, and constant quest for knowledge helps him craft some of the best websites around.

Clint spends his free time reading, keeping up with current design trends, Google algorithm changes, and has attained certificates in digital marketing, search engine optimization, css, php, java, and html from all over the internet, making him able to tackle just about any project web-oriented.

partner / seo analyst / art director

Tonya Sanchez

Tonya one of those Pinterest moms, always creating some sort of new recipe, craft, or experiment.  Her passion for creativity and endless supply of patience (she’s married to Clint) makes her an incredible art director.  Prior to co-launching BlakSheep Creative, she co-established a parent’s day out program at a local church, which, through her marketing direction, is now one of the leading programs in Livingston Parish. 

tonya sanchez blaksheep creative
samantha glass blaksheep creative profile photo
copywriter / glue that holds it all together

Samantha Glass

Sam is currently the director at The Way PDO and Preschool, in Denham Springs, Louisiana.  As a parent’s day out director, she possesses, “a special set of skills,” and is a bit of a grammar fanatic, making her one of the best copywriters in Louisiana.  She has a way of telling a brand’s story and mission that makes it difficult for the reader to forget what they just read.

Sam also is the, “mama bear,” of BlakSheep Creative.  Her passion for all things organization, and her love of Coffee keeps the BlakSheep machine well oiled, alert, and efficient.

videographer / video editing

Toby Heart

Don’t let the motorcycle fool you,  Toby is probably one of the kindest, generous people you’ll ever meet.  His 10+ years of experience filming and editing videos for various, nonprofits, churches, automotive outlets, and motorcycle programs has earned him the title, “awesome video guy.”  He’s filmed everything from drone footage over the Mississippi River to action footage on a Harley going 80 miles per hour.

Toby’s passion is for nonprofits, churches, and generally any other group that allows him to use his talents to help others.

toby heart blaksheep creative black and white profile photo
alec scott blaksheep creative profile picture
project manager / developer / seo analyst

Alec Daniel

Alec is an Army veteran with multiple combat deployments. As a sniper he developed many skills, one of which was attention to detail. This skill was an easy benefit after transitioning into the digital space following his separation from the military.

He immersed himself into a digital marketing career and began learning industry best practices. After a few of his Army friends also got out and started businesses, he began acting as a consultant to help them with their digital footprints.

This led to ushering their creation of websites and a love of project management and coordination between teams was born. As a middle-man you sometimes have to take a dream or concept and turn it into reality.

Due to a deep sense of service, he feels an overwhelming happiness when seeing dreams come to fruition.

Graphic Designer / Branding Specialist

Joshua Guilbeau

Joshua is an accomplished graphic designer and branding expert.

With over 10 years of experience, he has created design solutions for a range of clients including non-profits, restaurants, colleges and universities, healthcare organizations as well as small business owners.

He lives in Baton Rouge with his wife and three kids who keep him on his toes. He enjoys spending time outdoors when the weather permits or kicking back with a good book.

joshua guilbeau baton rouge blaksheep creative graphic designer branding specialist
this is our

mission and values

What happens when you take a group of creatives, put on some good music, and feed them coffee?  BlakSheep Creative is what happens.  Our portfolio is as diverse as our music tastes.  But, that’s what makes for an awesome design agency, diversity.  No cookie-cutter projects or websites here.  We pour all of our energy into custom crafting exactly what you need, at a price you can afford.

Although our ideas and opinions are varied, we all share a common set of goals and beliefs:

we work locally, but think globally

While we are based in Louisiana, our work extends to other countries. From South America to Africa, there’s no place too far.  Webdesign Baton Rouge and beyond, that’s what we live for!

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