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Plumbing Websites: What Your Website Needs to Get More Leads

Simply having a plumber website is not enough. Learn what to do (and what not to do) when creating a website for your plumbing company to increase sales leads.
what plumbing websites need to get sales leads 1

Running a plumbing business is different than running a traditional company. While the burger stand down the street may use their website for advertising their menu, your plumbing website needs to generate leads.

Unlike the burger stand, you measure your small business’s success in terms of calls and contact forms, not visitors to your storefront.

Think about it. When’s the last time that your website generated 50+ web forms in a month? What about phone calls? Do you hear customers say, “I found you on Google?”

If your answer to any of those is anything less than yes, then this blog post is for you.

Read on to learn what your plumbing website needs to get more leads.

What Does a Bad Plumbing Website Look Like?

We tell all of our clients (especially Plumbers) that your website’s visitors should be able to answer these three questions within three seconds of landing on your site:

  1. What is your company?
  2. What services do you provide or offer?
  3. How can they contact you?

It’s a well-known fact that in this digital age, consumers want the information that they are seeking now. Because of this, your plumbing company’s website needs to answer each of those three questions above without the user having to scroll down the page.

Get inspiration for your plumbing website on our Top 100 Plumbing Websites for Inspiration

Keep those three questions in mind as you look at the following three websites.

Bad Plumbing Website #1

bad plumbing website example 1

Why it’s terrible:

  1. It’s not user friendly – Look at all of the empty space above the menu. This site pushes all of the critical information down the page (below the fold). This equates to horrible user experience.
  2. No Contact information – While the contact page is located on the menu, it could be difficult for users to find sandwiched between the About and Testimonial items. Despite it being common knowledge that your company’s phone number should be highly visible on the page, in this instance, it’s nowhere to be found.
  3. No Listed Services – Even though this company does advertise its’ residential and commercial plumbing services above the fold, the user is required to scroll to see all of them. Additionally, they don’t have a list of their plumbing services and striking imagery to convey their services, service areas, etc.

What’s good about it:


Bad Plumbing Website #2

bad plumbing website example 2

Why it’s terrible:

  1. The Design – This plumbing website does a horrible job of making the company seem legitimate. There is no logo, the company name doesn’t stand out from the background, and there are no images to make the site “pop.”
  2. No Services Listed – Aside from the name of the company, “Emerald Plumbing,” there is no indication of the plumber’s services provided. Instead, customers are left wondering if Emerald is a commercial or residential contractor or if they can offer the exact plumbing service they need.
  3. Lack of User-friendliness – Like the first site we looked at, this site isn’t user-friendly, nor does it provide much helpful information above the fold. Plus, the header (the top part of the web page where the navigation is) is so large that it’s impossible to read the page’s information as you scroll.

What’s good about it:

  • The Phone number – This plumbing company placed their phone number in a prominent location, above the fold, and easy for potential customers to call for service.

Bad Plumbing Website #3

bad plumbing website doesnt produce leads

Why it’s terrible:

  1. It’s Hard to Read – This color scheme used by Joe the Plumber makes it difficult for visitors to read. The text that says, “Since 1968.” is nearly impossible to read. Also, the blue text on top of a red background is not user friendly (not to mention horrible for color-blind or visually-impaired users).  
  2. No Service Areas – This plumbing company has an 888 phone number listed; however, there are no mentions of his service areas, making it almost impossible for prospective customers to know their location or service areas. They can’t even infer the company’s location from an area code!

What’s good about it:

  • The Phone number – Joe the Plumber does an excellent job of placing his phone number above the fold and visible, eliminating extra steps for the site’s visitors to find his contact information.
  • A Visible Logo – Unlike the other two sites, this website has a company logo located in the upper-left corner of the header (which is a standard for any website). Having a logo on your website helps legitimize your company as a real plumber.

Now that we’ve shown you what not to do, let’s move on to what you should do to have a successful plumbing website.

13 Web Design Tips That Every Plumber’s Website Needs to Generate Leads

Having a professional logo has multiple benefits. First, it shows your company as legitimate. If a consumer is comparing an ugly website with no logo to a professionally-designed website with a crisp and clear logo, they will associate the nicer logo and website with a higher-quality company. Remember, image is everything!

You should consider investing in a professionally designed logo and brand before starting your website design process.

Need a professionally designed logo? We can help you with that.

2 Have a Clear Call to Action

A call to action (or CTA) is graphics, verbiage, or other content that directs users to take some sort of action. CTAs direct the visitor where to go next, or what to do.

On plumbing websites, CTAs typically fall into one of two categories:

  • Make a phone call
  • Complete an online form

Consider placing a clear call to action (CTA) in your website’s header, making it as easy as possible for visitors to contact you or your company’s customer service representatives.

Learn why your CTA is critical.

good call to action on plumbing website

3. Give an Easy Way to Request Your Services

Like the Len the Plumber Website example above, you want to make it as easy as possible for your users to contact you after reading your call to action.

If you look back at the image, you’ll see that Len the Plumber gives potential customers two ways to contact them: by phone and online.

click to schedule button on plumbing website to increase leads

4. Show a List of Your Services

Google’s entire mission is to provide users with the best answers to their search queries. You should as well. Give your target audience a clear list of the services that you offer (you can get as detailed as you’d like) as soon as they land on your website. (Remember the three questions in three seconds we mentioned?)

fagnelli plumbing heating cooling top 100 website list

5. Use a Sticky Header

Sticky headers are all the rage these days, especially in plumbing website design.

A sticky header is functionality that shrinks the header section of your website and makes it “stick” to the top of the page while the user scrolls. Sticky headers keep your menu in the visitor’s view at all times, making navigation easier.

Sticky headers help you generate more sales leads because they keep your contact information and call to action within view the entire time that someone is on your website.

plumbing website sticky header

6. Have a Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Framework

8 out of 10 consumers will stop engaging with a website that doesn’t display well on their device. (Source: Adobe)

If a potential customer needs emergency plumbing and heating services and ends up on your website via their phone and it doesn’t display well, chances are they’re going to “bounce” right to your competition’s site.

We repeat: If your website doesn’t display well on tablets and smartphones, eight out of ten people will leave your site and end up on your competitor’s website instead.

To keep these sales leads to yourself, make sure your business website is mobile-friendly.

responsive plumbing website design increases leads

7. Use Clear and Original Imagery

It’s been said among web design professionals that a pixelated and blurry image is worse than having none at all.

Improperly-sized images are a sign of laziness and certainly aren’t user friendly.

Instead, use professionally-shot, high-quality images at the highest resolution possible for the highest clarity and professionalism. Keep in mind to use the exact size that the images are served at to maximize loading speed.

8. Use Images of Real People

plumbing technician bio video

One way to convey your plumbing company’s legitimacy and make homeowners in your service area feel safe in their own homes while you perform a service is to have images of your technicians, team members, and trucks on your website.

Whether on your home page, a meet the team page, a blog post, or any other page on your site, a friendly face and a smile go a long way to help your website generate more leads.

Also, consider creating short introductory videos for each of your plumbers and staff. Embed these videos into “Meet the Team” or “Employee Spotlight” blog posts to make your brand more approachable.

9. Show off your Awards & Accreditations

Every home and business owner wants to hire a plumber that is well-respected in their community and the plumbing industry.

Show off your industry awards, recognition, media articles, and accreditations to generate even more leads from your plumbing website.

Here is a list of some badges, logos, and other items that we recommend that every plumber includes on their website (if applicable).  

Remember to only use logos and badges from organizations that you are a member of and to adhere to their specific guidelines to using their logos online.

  • State and local plumbing licenses
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Yelp
  • Angie’s List Super Service
  • Best of Houzz
  • Best of HomeAdvisor
  • Other award badges and logos

10. Have a Modern Website Design

Your plumbing website is your digital salesperson that works 24/7 to generate new leads and sales. You want to make sure you put your best foot forward (unlike bad sites 1, 2, and 3 above.). 

You wouldn’t have a sloppy salesperson, so why have a horrible website? Instead, invest in a professional plumbing website design, Search Engine Optimization for plumbers, content marketing for plumbers, plumber Social Media Marketing, and any other plumber digital marketing services for your plumbing lead generation.

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The investment will pay for itself, we promise!

Operating on a tight budget? Read our guide to Super Easy SEO for Small Businesses and do your SEO yourself.

11. Show Competitive Differentiators

Even though you already know that your plumbing company is better than your competition, homeowners and business owners who haven’t ever heard of your company don’t.

To differentiate yourself from your competition and stand out among all of the other plumbers, tell your customers why you’re the best plumber in your town, local area, or state.

Pro Tip: If you haven’t performed a SWOT analysis for your company, follow our guide to creating a SWOT analysis for your construction company.

showing competitive difference on plumbing website increases leads

12. Provide Coupons & Special Offers

If you offer exclusive deals and coupons to your customers, be sure to advertise them on your website.

Customers love saving money, and every penny saved on a tune-up, service call, installation, or maintenance plan goes a long way with customers and helps build customer loyalty.

Sure, coupons may mean less money in your wallet, what you make up for it in customer retention and loyalty far outweighs the $10.00 you may have lost by giving a customer 10% off of their service call.

13. Provide a Click to Call Button

Some website designers say that you should only have click-to-call buttons for mobile devices, but we disagree.

With the popularity of touch-screens, we make all of our links to any telephone number click-to-call.

By adding a simple HTML code like tel:225.505.3834, you can make the links with your telephone number easier for visitors to call you.

For instance:

Not click to call: 225.505.3834

Click to call: 225.505.3834

click to call plumbing website button
click to call plumbing website button example

Sure, you want to keep your call to action present on mobile devices. By making it easy for phone users to tap their screen to call you, you ensure that you can convert mobile users on your plumbing website into leads with just a literal click of a button.

Do You Need a New Plumbing Website? Here’s What You Need to Do To Get Started:

Does your plumbing website need some help? Here at BlakSheep Creative, we make your phone ring, and any of our digital marketing experts can help you generate more leads, sales, and revenue from the web.

And, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We provide affordable SEO services for small businesses just like yours.

Let’s talk about how it can be improved: call 225-505-3834 or drop us a line to learn more.

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