Podcast Knowledge Panels are Now in Google Search.

Google seems to be rolling out podcast-based knowledge panels in Google Search; it's an exciting time for podcasters!
google search podcast knowledge panels
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Google seems to be rolling out podcast-based knowledge panels in Google Search. When you search for your favorite podcast, you might see a new knowledge panel appear in the search results.

This is good news! With such a saturated market, you need to make your podcast stand out in the SERPs.

For Example: Here is an example of the Joe Rogan Podcast showing up with a new knowledge panel on the right-hand side of the desktop Google search results page:

joe rogan example of podcast knowledge panel

This feature isn’t showing up for all podcasts, but just most other Google updates, it’ll likely be rolled out a little at a time.

Also, as usual, Google has yet to announce this new feature officially, so it’s unclear if every one of the 2 million+ podcasts will see it.

While most podcasters haven’t noticed the new knowledge panels, you can bet that we in the SEO community have:

Here are some more examples the SEO community is talking about on Twitter:

What does this mean for podcasters?

We’re excited to see this! If you are a podcaster, check to see if you’re noticing this new knowledge panel in Google’s search results. If not, it could be related to the RSS feed that your podcast is produced on.

Unfortunately, as we mentioned earlier, Google is tight-lipped on the subject.

So, in their silence, we tell our clients to stick to the basics:

Stick to the basics of podcasting SEO

Have a great podcast title and description, including the keywords that you know people are searching for in Google.

These knowledge panels seem to be showing up in search results with keywords and phrases like “podcast,” “how-to,” and even just plain ol’ generic terms like “podcasts.”

So by having these keywords in your title and description, it’ll likely help you appear higher in Google’s search results.

Do all of the things we tell every SEO client to do:

  • Be active on social media
  • Have links throughout your website (if you don’t have a website, you might want to get one ASAP if you want to compete in the podcasting market).
  • Promote your podcast or episodes everywhere
  • Have a link to your website from somewhere on every episode
  • Have links to Amazon, iTunes, etc. in your website’s store section.
  • Help us promote your podcast!
  • Incorporate podcast schema into your website

Here’s a secret: even if you have a podcast, there’s a high chance that Google doesn’t know it.

SEO for Podcasters

Podcasting is a great way to connect with your audience, but Google doesn’t always show the best podcasts in their search results.

We can help you get more listeners by making sure that Google shows your podcast at the top of its search results.

Our SEO for podcasters services will make sure that your podcast gets found when people are searching for it online.

We’ll also optimize your website so that it’s easier to find on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This will boost both traffic and sales!

Contact us to learn how we can help today!

Some Podcast Websites We’ve Created:

real life real crime website design mockup
local leaders podcast monthly website

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