The 9 Best Ways to Finish off Your Digital Marketing in 2021 with a Bang

Find out the 9 best ways for you to finish off your digital marketing tasks for the year 2021. Don't miss these tips so that you can complete all of your business goals this year!
The 9 Best Ways to Finish off Your Digital Marketing in 2021 with a Bang
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2021 Year-End Digital Marketing Tips

The new year is just days away, and you’ve still got some last-minute digital marketing to get done for the year 2021. It doesn’t have to be a frenzy, but if you don’t take care of these tasks now, they may fall through the cracks come next year.

Here are some helpful tips on how to finish off your digital marketing in 2021 and get a head start on 2022:

finish 2021 digital marketing with bang update social media accounts

Update your social media accounts

The first thing you’ll want to check is all of your social media accounts and update them with new and relevant content. This includes:

  • Twitter: Make sure that your bio information is up to date, that you choose a profile image that relates to the topic or website, and share interesting content.
  • Facebook: Your cover photo and profile image need to be relevant and represent your company in a good light. Also, update your information in the “About” section.
  • LinkedIn: Companies should have a standard company page with up-to-date contact information and job openings. Make sure that you also post content that reflects your brand and industry.
  • Pinterest: If you have a business, consider creating a professional account with an attractive banner image. Then, fill out the profile information and add at least five. Here are four tips to market on Pinterest like a pro!
  • Google Business Profile (Google My Business): Double check your services and hours to be 100% correct. Be sure to put your holiday hours.
  • Yelp: Put up new photos to represent your company in the best possible light.
  • Instagram: Update your account with relevant images and information.

Do you need help with your company’s social media? We can help you with that. We’re Baton Rouge, LA’s leading social marketing company. Visit our services page to learn how we can help you!

finish 2021 digital marketing with bang check broken links

Check for broken links on your website.

Broken links are very frustrating for users, which can harm your site. Use tools Screaming Frog to search for broken links on your site.

Want us to check your website for broken links for free? We’ll do it, no strings attached! Shoot us an email at with your website’s URL and we’ll send you a report of your broken links.

finish 2021 digital marketing with bang check old content

Check for out-of-date content.

Conduct a content audit to determine if your marketing strategy is up-to-date. An outdated marketing strategy could misrepresent your business and cause potential customers to lack trust.

A content audit will allow you to pinpoint which pieces of content are most in need of an update – whether it be new information, images, or design elements – so that you can restore the accuracy of your online presence.

finish 2021 digital marketing with bang get new social media followers

Get more social media followers.

You’ll want to make sure you have a solid social media presence and following. Check your current following and compare it to your competition’s follower count. Getting more followers will increase brand awareness, engagement on posts, trust in your product/service and ultimately lead to more conversions.

But, make sure that your followers actually engage with your content. For example, if you have an image that gets 1,000 likes but only ten comments, it’s not a very strong engagement rate.

finish 2021 digital marketing with bang create blog post

Add new blog posts to your site, if needed.

You can use this strategy to bring in visitors interested in the type of information you provide (i.e., if you’re a medical company, you might want to include articles about the latest developments in the medical industry).

Post about what your company is doing for the holidays and any new specials for 2022. Keep your content regular and relevant to your audience to continue to reach new customers.

If you need help crafting engaging blog posts for your business website, check out our copywriting services that are guaranteed to get more traffic for your site and increase conversions.

finish 2021 digital marketing with bang share blog posts on social media

Promote your new blog posts on social media

You’ll want to make sure that you give the audience what they want when it comes to content (i.e., if your audience likes dieting posts, you might want to make sure your new blog posts include diet-related information).

Encourage people in your business to like and share your blog posts with their followers. This will increase the visibility of the content and help you gain new readers.

Make sure that you respond to every comment made on your social media profiles and actively engage with people who mention or like your posts. You’ll also want to use hashtags in your posts so that your content can be found by people who are searching for it.  Just make sure you’re not hijacking other people’s; that’s shady and deceptive..

Use these tasks to finish off your digital marketing in 2021 and get a head start on 2022! Get started today with any one of our effective, affordable digital marketing services.

We know it’s not always easy to have a whole team dedicated to finishing off your digital marketing in 2021, so we also offer custom plans for small businesses that just need some extra help.

finish 2021 digital marketing with blaksheep creative denham springs marketing agency

Are you looking to finish off your digital marketing in 2021 with a bang?

The six best ways to finish out 2021 are outlined in this blog post. We hope you’ve found our article helpful and informative! Drop us a line in the comments, and let us know!

If these tasks seem overwhelming, we offer custom plans for small businesses that need some help finishing off their digital marketing.

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