How to Beat Up Your Competition With Your Online Presence

Use your online presence to beat up your competition. Learn how to use an awesome website and optimized-for-search-engines content to win online.
beat up competition with your online presence
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5 easy tips to boost your company’s online presence

Whether you like it or not, your business image accounts for about 80% of its initial success.

38 percent of users will stop interacting with a website if the layout is unattractive. Just like in the real world, your business’s online image is important.

Some would say it’s more important, honestly.

Think about it.

A searcher is looking for a certain product or service. Your page shows up on their browser (or social media channel).

Your success literally depends on what your visitors see on a computer screen! Just think about that for a moment.

Prepare yourself for success by using a professional to create your website.

One of the most important things that you have to do to succeed is portraying the right image, that’s it! Anything less will fail. Your business will lose the edge, and ultimately, your bottom line.

A professional-looking and stylish business website helps to establish a strong and effective online presence.

First impressions and image are critical! A solid, positive presence plays a vital part in internet success!

Sure, there are many website design programs, tutorials, and online site builders available on the Internet, but nothing quite compares to the expertise and experience of a professional website designer. 

Learn more about our professional web services to see why we know what we’re talking about!

First impressions are crucial!

As a small business owner, It is vitally important that your website conveys the right image and with maximum impact.

You never get a second chance with a first impression, and nowhere is this truer than on the Internet where everything is visual!

It has been proven that you have no more than six seconds to grab a visitor’s attention. Therefore, if your website lacks that “professional look,” and communicates the wrong message, you will almost certainly lose out on many potential customers.

Communicate Nothing but Professionalism right from the Start!

Your website conveys a great deal more information about you and your business than you might at first expect. Most of this information is communicated on a subliminal level just below consciousness, but make no mistake: it IS communicated.

If your website looks disorganized or over-busy; if it has no sense of style, no visual flow, or coordination, then you will be seen in a similar light. You will come across as disorganized, indecisive, unprofessional, lacking control, and without sense of purpose – do you really think you’ll be taken seriously?!

Now contrast that with a website that looks stylish, organized, structured, polished, and professional. A website like that just oozes success! What subliminal message does it send to visitors? Simple: the person or persons behind this site are seen as being well organized, positive, competent, decisive, and above all SUCCESSFUL!

Granted, there are other factors involved in running a successful online business such as content, products, reputation, etc., but there is no getting away from the fact that image is the initial front-line influencer. The message or image that is conveyed in the first few seconds a visitor sees your website is crucial to whether they stay or leave. Any other factors only come into play IF they stay! Never ever underestimate the power of first impressions, especially online!

The power of subliminal communication.

Using a professional web designer will give your website that professional look, the edge, that “something extra”, that indefinable quality that attracts visitors and captures attention. So what exactly is it, this indefinable something extra…?

It’s something that professional designers have a knack for; they instinctively know how to arouse curiosity and capture attention through artistic design and visual communication. This is something that most of us just can’t quite grasp; we know it when we see it, but we’re not quite sure why.

Have you ever looked at a website and thought: wow, that’s a great-looking site! If you have, have you ever wondered exactly why it impressed you so much? Chances are it wasn’t down to the high-quality photographs or that the fonts or graphics were particularly striking. In actual fact, it’s far more subtle than that and is rarely down to one single factor.

This is the power of subliminal communication in action. It is a combination of many factors all communicating at the subliminal level that arouses your attention. Skillful color coordination for one can be a powerful attention grabber. And then there are the many subtleties of page composition; the way in which various shapes, blocks of color and text, all relate to one another on the page. All these visual cues have a direct impact, and ultimately influence how your senses process the page.

Very skillful page composition can even lead the eye in a predetermined direction – how powerful is that?!

Are You Getting Negative First Impressions?

So if your website isn’t attracting the amount of traffic and attention you’d like, it could be because of a number of reasons. Does your website deploy proper search engine optimization? It really could be down to negative first impressions. It can be that simple! So many people fail to see this, yet it is so obvious.

They spend weeks or even months pondering over why they’re not generating the traffic or making the sales. Then out of sheer frustration, they begin tweaking their web pages in a desperate attempt to rank higher in the search engines! It really doesn’t matter how many visitors you get to your site: if they don’t like what they first see – they will leave!

Take a hard long objective look as you visit a website:

  • does it instantly attract you, arouse your curiosity, does it communicate professionalism, competence, etc.?
  • Is there a link to their Facebook page? Is there a visible email address? Are the products or services on their site clearly expressed?

If the answer is no or you’re not sure, then chances are you’ll exit the website and move on to the next one shown in the search results.

Want to boost your brand’s online presence?

BlakSheep Creative can handle that for you, allowing you to focus on business matters, like making money.  Contact us and let’s get started.

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