How to Become a Pinterest Kingpin

Here are four tips on how you can use Pinterest and become a kingpin in no time. Check them out!
how to become pinterest digital marketing kingpin
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Pinterest is the 14th largest social network, with over 459 million monthly active users . While it’s not as popular as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest is a treasure trove for business owners who understand how to leverage the service and its unique features to promote their brands and build awareness.

Pinterest isn’t a selling platform on its own but can send significant traffic to your e-commerce website, lead generation page, or blog post.

Pinterest can help your brand reach audiences looking for your products and services, but only if you know how to use it well.

Here are four tips on how to use Pinterest and become a kingpin in no time!

Use high-resolution and lighter images.

A Pinterest image should only be a part of your marketing strategy, not the whole thing. Make sure to take full-sized photos and upload them onto Pinterest. Remember that many people will see these images, so make sure they are clear and eye-catching.

Make use of infographics.

Infographics are great for summarizing your ideas or processes in one image. Use them on Pinterest because apart from providing more information than a standard image, infographics can get you noticed by people who get frustrated with long paragraphs and texts.

Make it easier to pin from your website.

As an online store owner, you would want people to pin your product images so that the pins will lead to your website. To make this happen, you need to ensure your posts have “Pin It” buttons at the top and the bottom. This way, it’s easier for audiences to share what interests them on Pinterest.

Always study your Pinterest analytics.

Analytics should be part of any online marketing strategy. Use the analytics data provided by Pinterest to see which images are attracting more attention, what time of day they are most visible, and which region of the world sees them the most.

Following these four steps should help you increase traffic to your website or blog posts and ultimately boost sales.

Have you tried any of these techniques?

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