Social Media for Painters: 5 Tips for Painting Company Social Media Success

Here's a secret: You can use social media to grow your painting company. Get started with these five top secret tips for social media for painters!
social media for painting companies
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There are over 2.3 billion people active on social networks, making social media marketing is a valuable tool for painters. 

Not only will social media help you connect with more qualified painting leads, but it also allows you to develop relationships to boost your customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Here are 9 other painting company lead generation tricks.

If you haven’t taken advantage of the power of social media to help grow your painting business, then now is the time to start!

This post will provide you with five social media tips to level up your painting contractor business.

Keep reading to learn more, or contact BlakSheep Creative today if you’re ready to start building a custom social media strategy for your small business.

Ready? Let us paint a picture for you.

How To Attract More Clients With Social Media Marketing For Painting Companies.

Follow the tips below to attract more clients with your social media profiles.

Research your target audience

The first step in launching any social media campaign is determining the audience that you’re trying to target. Establishing a social media campaign without a target audience is like showing up at a client’s house ready to paint the walls with no color palette.

Without a target audience, your campaign won’t reach people interested in your products or services.

How does a painter determine their target audience?

We’re glad you asked.

To accurately identify your target audience, you have to think about your ideal customer. Who is most likely to be looking for painting services?

When focusing on your ideal customer, consider information such as:

  • Demographics
  • Income
  • Socioeconomic Status
  • Hobbies
  • Interests

Once you have the persona of your ideal customer, start targeting people who fit the bill. Armed with this information, you can focus on reaching qualified leads for your painting business.

Additionally, having a clear picture of your target audience will also help you choose the right social media platform. It’s essential to engage your target audience on social media platforms that they use the most.

After choosing the optimal platform to use, the next step is to determine the types of content that your audience wants to see. It’s vital to create content that your audience is interested in and engage with.

If you need help setting up Facebook for your painting business, we have a guide for that.

Determine the Type of Content

Each social media platform allows for posting different types of content. For example, Facebook and Twitter enable posting photos, videos, links to your website, and polls. Facebook and Twitter are great for sharing your work.

Instagram and Pinterest, on the other hand, are more visually oriented and focus more on photos and videos, making them the perfect place to post your work.

Additionally, each network has its own “typical” user. Consider the following social media user demographics:

  • 86% of households with an annual income above $100,000 use Facebook
  • 67% of people ages 18-29 use Instagram
  • 70% of Pinterest users are female
  • 38% of people ages 18-29 use Twitter

(Source: Pew Research Center )

Now that you know which social media account is best for posting your desired content type(s), it’s time to post your content.

Scheduling Programs Can Help Keep Your Social Media Campaigns Consistent

Social media success requires frequent posting. Chances are, your target audience follows several other painting-related pages on their social media profiles. You want to make sure to get your work in front of them and fresh in their minds when they need a painter.

You need to post frequently to your social media accounts!

We’ll be honest. It’s challenging to remember to post regularly. Regular posting requires you to take time out of your day to post content to social media sites.  

One social media platform at a time…

Imagine if you’re posting several times a day. Posting to each platform during the day could eat up your entire day, disturbing your workflow. Painters don’t have time to stop in the middle of a job to post on social media.

The good news is that you can use a scheduling program to automate all of your posts ahead of time.

using hootsuite social media for plumbers
use buffer for painting contractor social media marketing

Social media management platforms such as Hootsuite or Buffer allow you to manage your campaigns quickly and schedule a month’s worth of content ahead of time.

These programs also help you create more cohesive campaigns. You can lay out a month’s worth of content ahead of time.

By consistently posting, you create a more effective social media marketing campaign for your painting business.

Post a variety of content

The next component of any effective social media marketing campaign is posting a variety of content. By varying your content, your social media profiles remain exciting and engage your page’s audience.

People who follow your profile or page don’t want to see the same type of content all the time. They want to see a variety of information and different ways that they can consume it. By posting a variety of content, you keep your shared information new and exciting.

What types of content should a painter share?

There are numerous formats that your content can take, such as:

  • Textual Posts
  • Links to website content
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Polls
  • Contests
  • And more depending on the social media platform

What’s important is that you create a variance in your social media strategy to keep your content engaging to your audience.

Protip: You can use the ideas you’ve learned here in your content marketing strategy.

Engage with your audience

When you post content on social media, the ultimate goal is audience engagement, right?

People who follow your page or profile (depending on the social platform) will like, comment, and share your content.

When they interact with your content, make sure that you engage with them.

Engaging with your social media followers creates a better relationship with them. They will be more exposed to your brand and learn more about your painting company’s value to its customers.

Taking the time to interact with them and engage them on social media shows that you value their business.

Plus, content with a more engaged audience (likes, shares, comments) is excellent for your website’s SEO. Search Engine Journal has an excellent article entitled, “How Social Media Helps SEO,” that has more on this topic.

When you post content on social media, your audience will engage with it and will like, comment, and share your content. And when they do, you must engage with them.

What types of social media posts engage followers?

Engage your audience with posts that ask questions. Something as simple as, “If you had to repaint your bedroom in your house, what color would it be, and why?”  

When people comment with their answers, make sure to reply to their comments.

When you engage with your audience, they learn more about your brand and your business. By seeing your interaction with your customers, they will start to build a relationship with your business. Social media interaction is an excellent tool for lead generation for your painting business.

Run paid social ads.

While it’s free to create a social media profile and market your painting business on social media, there are some paid options that you can use to help your business grow.

If you have the budget and want to help your residential (or commercial) painting business get even more valuable leads, run some paid social media ads.

Social Media Advertising can help you reach even more qualified leads who have an interest in your painting services. You can hyper-target these customers on most social media platforms or use geotagging and retargeting to ensure your content gets in front of them.

Each social media platform has its advertising program types, so you’ll want to research them to see what they have to offer to your painting business.

Social Media Advertising has the potential to help your business reach more valuable sales leads and continue to grow.

Reach More Painting Customers Online

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