How Do you Find the Right SEO Agency for your Business?

Choosing a search engine optimization agency can be tricky. This post outlines the most important considerations when looking for a digital marketing or SEO agency.
how do you find the right seo agency for your business
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Many factors go into finding the perfect SEO company to work with. Different businesses have different needs, and each of these companies will offer a service plan tailored to those specific needs.

As such, it is important to consider their pricing and what they can provide in return.

How to Find an SEO Agency

The following outlines some of the most important considerations when looking for an online marketing or search engine optimization (SEO) agency:


What other types of clients does this company work with? Is there anything about them we should know before we make our decision?

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The agency should have a history of working with both large and small corporations and having experience in the startup market.

Customer Feedback

What kind of feedback does this agency have? Check out reviews on third-party websites such as Google or Yelp. Here are some of ours:

BSC Review Cluster
BSC Review Cluster

Read through these reviews and see what previous customers had to say about their experiences with this company.

Work History

Does the agency have a good track record? Have they won any awards for excellence in their field?

Are there any outstanding cases against them at present (e.g., bankruptcy, fraud charges)?

Who is behind the agency – a single individual or a group? This information can be found online and should help you to make an informed decision.

Learn more about BlakSheep Creative on our about us page.


Is there any risk of information being shared amongst their other clients/companies?

Will they perform projects for a different industry than what our own is within?

Will they even work with companies based on certain types of content (e.g., adult)?

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You need to ensure confidentiality is not breached before you decide whether to hire them.


It’s essential to choose an agency with experience in the specific industry you are looking for help in.

Search SEO services in “your city,” if they don’t show up for that service, how can you expect them to provide results for your business?

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How much does this service cost, and how often is payment required?

You must find an agency with reasonable prices and one that can provide a good return on investment (ROI) for your business.

Remember, SEO is an investment and not an expense!


Select a company that is close to your location. This will save you time if they need to meet or discuss any concerns with you in person or by phone.


This is a big one! How does the company stack up against the competition?

Which companies in your industry have they worked with before, and what did you learn from their results?

Do they work directly with any of these companies, or do they subcontract for larger agencies?

Here at BlakSheep Creative, we won’t take on competing clients. This ensures our SEO specialists can provide 100% focus and commitment to your business and never sacrifice the quality of our work.

What should I expect from a reliable SEO agency?

You should expect high-quality, unique content that is well researched and optimized for search engines.

The copy must be written with the user in mind to provide your readers with helpful information when they are searching online.  

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Only work with an agency that:

  • ensures all posts are grammatically correct and have zero spelling or grammatical errors
  • remains up-to-date with current trends in your industry/niche
  • implements proper keyword density (keyword phrases appearing throughout blog posts)
  • develops lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect for each other’s time & input,
  • ensures that content is original while being created specifically for your company
  • ensures that blog posts have a clear call to action so clients know what they should do next,
  • provides regular feedback on employed social media marketing strategies and provides insight into other ways to improve your online presence.

BlakSheep Creative is an award-winning SEO and marketing company focused on improving the online presence of our clients.

Our management team has decades of experience serving small business owners and corporations dealing with millions of dollars in revenue.  

We offer monthly packages to suit every budget as well as custom plans for working together! So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level and beat out the competition, contact us today!

Let us take care of the work involved in getting your website ranking at the top spot in Google within your niche or industry!

Give us a call today or fill out our contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Communication is Key

You should be able to contact the agencies you consider at all times and receive updates as often as needed with regards to your account and service plan.

Without proper communication, companies can’t grow and support their clients throughout their agreement.


Will we be sold a blank service package? Look for details of what exactly the company will do for you.

Choosing a company that provides a full spectrum of online marketing services will ensure more opportunities for your business to gain exposure and have its website appropriately optimized.

Most SEO companies can provide the following services:

Website Development

The client will need a website created to help them rank higher on search engines for the keywords they want to be found under.

The SEO company should also be able to provide web design, hosting, and domain registration services.

SEO Campaign Creation

An SEO expert can create campaigns around keywords and phrases that adequately describe your business more than simply creating a website.

They will know which ones are best for your industry (e.g., long-tail or short-tail) and how many people use them in searches each day (search volume).

These campaigns may include but are not limited to:

  • social media marketing (which helps get the top rankings for keywords),
  • Google AdWords/AdSense pay-per-click services (which helps increase website traffic, leads, and sales)
  • link building (to improve your site’s trustworthiness and domain authority)
  • on-page optimization (which helps to boost the number of visitors finding you through search results pages)
  • content writing (to provide readers with exciting posts that are also relevant to your brand)
  • local SEO (which helps promote your business on Google Maps, giving you more exposure to local clientele)

Link Building

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The more links from other websites that point to your own, the better chance you have of showing up higher in search rankings for your desired customer base.

Link building is a crucial tool SEO companies use to make a company’s website rank higher on a list of sites returned when someone searches for keywords or phrases relevant to their industry or area of expertise.

Content Writing

Many agencies offer some form of content writing services, whether writing articles or blog posts for the client’s website.

If you are based in the United States, your SEO agency would be best to employ US-based native English writers with journalism experience.

If you want to know more about our services, contact us today, and we will be happy to assist.

Social Media Services

SEO companies usually have a team of experts that will create, build, and maintain social media accounts for your business to help increase its online marketing presence.

These accounts can include Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, and more.

If your business doesn’t do well in social media, don’t hire a company that promises results solely through this avenue.

(If you’re looking for help with your social media properties, visit our services page to learn how we can help.


What is the process for working with an agency? Will they contact you to discuss concerns, or do you need to check up on them constantly?

Know what services will be provided, how often, and when.

Make sure that the agency uses white hat (not black hat SEO) techniques that will ensure long-term results.

What kind of reports will you receive, and how often? What metrics will be monitored, and what steps should be taken if those metrics aren’t reached (e.g., contact the agency, lower-ranking keyword difficulty, etc.)?


How much money is available to spend on SEO services?

Many companies offer different packages at different price points; your business must choose one within its budget.

The average cost for an SEO package starts around $1,000 a month but can range anywhere from as low as $100 per month up to $10,000 or more.

(If you’re looking for an affordable SEO company, click here)

Price shouldn’t be the only deciding factor in choosing an agency.

A more expensive agency may offer better services, but this isn’t always the case.

It’s also crucial to research each company to determine which has the best track record in getting results for businesses within your industry. Ask them to see case studies or examples of their work.

Most SEO strategies and campaigns should take around 3-6 months to start seeing positive results.

If you don’t see any progress after that time, it’s possible that either the company is providing lower quality services or that its staff lacks experience in your specific field, so it would be best if you look elsewhere.

View our SEO services page to learn how we can help you reach the top of the search engine ranking pages.

Target Audience

It is crucial to hire an SEO firm that can appropriately target your demographic.

This means they will create a strategy catered specifically to you and the type of service you offer.

Goals should be realistic, specific, and measurable from the beginning.

In addition, make sure the company’s process includes finding keyword phrases that are relevant enough to help boost your page rank on search engine searches while still being easy to read and essential for visitors who want more information about what you do or sell.

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Don’t be afraid to ask questions about how they operate, their clientele, experience in your industry, steps for working with them, and so on.

Having this knowledge will allow you to thoroughly vet each agency before choosing one that fits best with your business.


Have other clients been satisfied with their services and results before? How many companies does this agency typically work with?

The more notable companies they have helped, the better.

It’s also important to know if any complaints have been filed against them, ensuring they are not taking advantage of their clients or being dishonest.

Price should never be the only factor when choosing an agency. The most expensive company does not always mean it is best – consider all other factors as well.

At BlakSheep Creative, we focus on top-notch, unique services that yield results for our clients each month. We are filled with happy customers who keep coming back because of our dedication to providing only the best SEO services.


Can they offer any additional services after the project has been completed?

Do they have a straightforward process for contacting them in case of an emergency or if something has gone wrong with your account?

Although it is possible to handle many aspects of SEO on your own, continuous marketing requires a lot of dedication and time.

While an agency can be beneficial, it should never take over any project or prevent you from being able to contact them anytime.

At BlakSheep Creative, we offer support services after our clients have found success with their campaigns.

We are here for anything that may come up during the process until you’re fully satisfied with how your campaign is running.

Our approachable staff members are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


What reports can we expect to see once the project has been completed?

What can we expect to see in these reports?

Analytics is a critical component of any SEO plan that helps you monitor your site’s performance and progress.

It is essential to track the numbers to determine if our services are working effectively for your website.

We provide monthly reports consisting of keyword rankings, page views, organic traffic volume, social media referrals, and more so clients can see their growth each month.

And our reports go so much further than just Google Analytics.

google analytics free tool screenshot with awesome data

To help our clients make the most informed decisions regarding their campaigns, we offer a custom reporting system specifically for them and their business needs.

At BlakSheep Creative, we pride ourselves on top-quality reporting systems which allow our clients full access and control of their online marketing campaigns at all times.

We believe in maintaining complete transparency throughout the entire process, and that starts with our reporting.


How quickly will the team be able to respond if something arises during and after this project?

This is paramount.

You’ll want to be able to jump on the phone or send an e-mail with any questions at any time, and you won’t want it taking days for someone to get back to you.

A great agency will have customer service that is both helpful and prompt.

At BlakSheep Creative, we pride ourselves on our award-winning customer support services available 24/7, so there’s always someone there for you.

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Our team members are experts who can help guide you through any questions or concerns during the project life cycle.

Service Areas

Will they travel (if required) to help with our campaign, and, if so, how much will it cost?

Although your SEO provider doesn’t need to be located near you, geographical distances can often cause issues with consistency and communication.

You will want an agency that is willing to travel to your location and offer a fair price for their services.

At BlakSheep Creative, we are proud to offer our support services for businesses throughout the entire state of Louisiana, including Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Alexandria, New Orleans, and beyond!

As experts in SEO and Digital Marketing, we understand that many local businesses may not be able to afford high costs, which is why we provide reasonable rates that accommodate different budgets.


Before you choose an SEO company, ask yourself this:

Can this agency dedicate enough time and resources each month to ensure success?

This is critical. Without the proper dedication from your agency team, you risk the chance of having your campaign fall short of its goals.

page speed statistics for lowering a website bounce rate

A great agency will be able to dedicate enough time to ensure high performance for your website.

At BlakSheep Creative, we provide full-service campaigns that focus on quality rather than quantity which is why your dedicated team members are there for you every step of the way.  

We are always available for phone calls or e-mails during and after business hours, so our clients never have to worry about being left in the dark with their projects.


Does the company have a straightforward process for communicating with us? Will we be able to contact any member of staff, or will everything go through one person?

Companies offering a complete service package and personal consultation and ongoing support are usually your best bet.

The more information you can gather before signing on the dotted line, the better equipped you can make this critical decision.

Moving Forward

All businesses must take their online presence seriously.

You should be aware of how often people use search engines to find services or products similar to yours, which keywords they use most often when trying to find what you’re selling, and the overall number of searches for said keywords.

The chances are that there are hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people in your industry who do these exact things daily!

This makes SEO an invaluable investment.

So let’s summarize:

Start by choosing an SEO agency for your project based on their process, the support offered, services provided, responsiveness rate, and level of experience.

Then, gather information through references and testimonials before moving ahead with a plan that will help your business achieve its goals over time.

In the end, you will be glad you put in the research and chose a great agency to work with.

Choosing the right SEO agency for your business can be a difficult decision.

There are so many options out there, and it’s hard to know which one will work best for you.

You should start by looking at an agency’s process, the support offered, services provided, responsiveness rate, and level of experience before making a final decision on who to choose.

At BlakSheep Creative, we pride ourselves on our award-winning customer service available 24/7, so there’s always someone there for you.

Our team members are experts who can help guide you through any questions or concerns during the project life cycle.

We offer full-service campaigns that focus on quality rather than quantity which is why our team members are there for you every step of the way.

So if you’re looking for a Baton Rouge SEO Agency, be sure to contact us today!

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