Why Does a Construction Company Need a Website?

In today's competitive construction industry, it's vital that you stand out from your competition. Learn why your construction company needs a website in this post.
why does construction company need website
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Did you know that over 81% of customers will research your construction company before hiring you for a project?

What will they learn in their research? Better yet, where will their research take them? Where will they get information to make an educated decision about which contractor to hire for their project?

Your construction company needs a website.

This article will explain just how essential it is for your construction business to have a website.

Now we’re not talking about a website that your business owner’s brother’s son’s friend made on WIX or some other free website builder.

We’re talking about a professional, search engine optimized, functional, and stylish construction company website design.

So sit back, take off your hard hat, and learn why your construction company needs a website in 2020.

Why your construction company needs a website:

no matter what your niche you need construction website
no matter what your niche you need construction website

Show off your construction projects.

The construction industry is competitive.  Let your projects show what separates you from your competition.

You’ve spent weeks, months, maybe even years building the perfect building, subdivision, or whatever else your company may specialize in.  

You want to show it off.

Not just show it off for vanity’s sake but also let potential clients know just what your company’s capabilities are.

If you’re a residential builder, go ahead and post those images of those fancy granite countertops in a custom home you just built.

If you’re a commercial roofer, show the various styles of clay tiles you used on your last new office building.

No matter what your niche is, your potential customers will look for you to have a website. And they’re going to expect to see examples of your previous projects.

Don’t lose sales leads by not having a website.

Ensure your company is easily found

website for contractor marketing google contractors near me

It’s 2020; no one uses the yellow pages in a phone book anymore. When people are looking to hire a contractor, they’ll head straight to their smartphone or computer. 

An online presence is vital to your company’s success.

Chances are, they’ll type some form of “contractors near me,” or some other variation into Google, and then start narrowing down companies one at a time, going through the search engine result pages.

If you don’t have a website, you’ll probably not be on those results pages.  

Now we say probably because there is a possibility that your company’s social media profiles, your Google My Business (GMB) profile, or other locations on the web may pop up in the results, maybe.

Need help creating or optimizing your GMB listing? We’re here to help. If you already have an optimized GMB listing, make sure to optimize it for “near me” searches for local SEO success.

But you don’t have control over those, so who knows what they might find. This leads us to the next reason why you need your very own construction company website, something that you can control.

You control your construction website’s content.

By having your own website, you’re not at the whim of a social media profile, or something you have no control over.

You control your website and its’ content.

Yes, it needs actual content and not just a bunch of photos of your work. Consider hiring a content marketer to produce quality content for your website to establish your brand as an industry leader.

What content should a construction website have?

id 17536 construction resize
id 17536 construction resize

We’ve already discussed one of the more critical things for your website to have, photos and examples of your work. But here are some other construction website must-haves:

Contact information – How would customers solicit bids or quotes without a means to contact you?

Make sure to include an email address and phone number on every page of your website.

Information about your company – Projects for contractors tend to be big-ticket items. Establish trust with prospective customers by giving information about your company and its’ employees.

The services you provide – Show (and tell) your website’s visitors what it is exactly that your company does.

Break down your company’s capabilities and describe them in great detail. This helps customers (and search engines) understand your services better.

The better search engines understand your website content, the easier it is for them to rank you in the SERPs.

ReviewsWord of Mouth is still the most important social media. According to Search Engine Watch, “When reviews are displayed for higher-priced products, their conversion rate increased by 380%”

Sure, the consumer can turn to Angie’s List or some other online platform, but they don’t tell the whole picture.

Websites like Angie’s List benefit by providing their readers with quick, accurate, information to help solve whatever problem they are trying to fix, or project they are trying to complete.

The only person that your website should be working for is you.

Quality web designProspective clients are going to judge your company on your website, so you’ll want to put your best foot forward. Throw together a shoddy website, and its visitors will assume your construction projects are just as shoddy.

Your Construction Company needs a site built by a professional design company.

leblanc and fresina contractor website screenshot
leblanc and fresina contractor website screenshot

You’ve spent time perfecting your craft. You pay attention to detail to make sure every corner is square, every sheetrock joint is perfect, and every seam is caulked.

Your construction company website is one of the most important marketing strategies to invest in.  

If you’re a plumber (but you don’t have to be) check out our list of top 100 plumbing websites for inspiration.

Perhaps you’re a designer in need of a website for your architectural firm.

Put your best foot forward to win more clients and grow your construction company. Contact us today, and let’s discuss how we can help you with an impressive, professional construction company website that turns prospects into leads.

This is one of our recent contractor website builds, and just an example of what we can do for you.

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