How to Use TikTok for Your Small Business

If you're looking for a way to reach a new audience and connect with potential customers in a fun and creative way, TikTok is definitely worth considering. Here are some tips on how to use TikTok for your small business!
how to use tiktok for small business
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If you’re a small business owner, it’s time to get on TikTok. This platform is quickly becoming the go-to place for Gen Z consumers, who are highly influenced by what they see on social media. In fact, 39% of Gen Z consumers say that their purchasing decisions are affected directly by what they see on TikTok.

And with over 1 billion monthly active users, that’s a lot of purchasing power.

So is TikTok right for your small business? It depends on your products or services, target market, and marketing goals. 

But if you’re looking for a way to reach a new audience and connect with potential customers in a fun and creative way, TikTok is definitely worth considering.

Here are some tips on how to use TikTok for your small business:

Post Unique Content

TikTok users appreciate seeing platform-specific content—content explicitly created for TikTok and not just repurposed from other social media platforms.

what type of content is preferred on tiktok
what type of content is preferred on tiktok

In fact, 62% of TikTok users say this is the best way to connect with customers on the platform. This means creating creative short videos that capture the attention of the scroller.

Video content is where TikTok shines, so make sure your videos are creative, fun, and engaging. If you’re unsure where to start, check out what other businesses in your industry are doing on TikTok.

Think outside the box—literal boxes are popular on TikTok right now!—and have fun with your content. If you’re unsure where to start, check out what your competitors are doing or look for inspiration from non-competitors in your industry.

Key Takeaway: Don’t repurpose content from your other social networks—create videos and content specifically for TikTok.

Get involved in trends.

Another great way to connect with potential customers on TikTok is to get involved in trends. There are always new trends popping up on TikTok, so it’s important to stay up-to-date.

@blaksheepcreative So true#seo ♬ original sound BlakSheep Creative

This is a great way to show that you’re relevant and in touch with what your target market is interested in. It’s also a fun way to connect with potential customers and get your business noticed.

Key Takeaway: Get involved in trends to show that you’re relevant and in touch with what potential customers are interested in.

Post Regularly

It’s essential to post regularly on TikTok if you want to build a following. That doesn’t mean you have to post every day, but you should aim to post at least a few times a week.

Consistency is critical regarding social media, and TikTok is no exception. If you want people to keep coming back for more, you need to give them something to come back for.

Key Takeaway: Post regularly to maintain a consistent presence on TikTok.

Engage with Other Users

TikTok is all about engagement. To build a following, you need to engage with other users on the platform. Like and comment on other people’s videos, follow others who have similar interests to you and participate in TikTok challenges.

The more you engage with others, the more likely they are to engage with you. And the more engagement you have, the more likely you are to be seen by potential customers.

Key Takeaway: Engage with other users to build a following and increase your chances of being seen by potential customers.

Work with Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are your best bet when it comes to influencer marketing on TikTok. These are users with fewer than 5k followers who see higher engagement rates (17.9%) than macro-influencers with up to 1 million followers (13.48%).


Because their smaller audiences are more engaged and more likely to take action after seeing their content. So, if you’re looking to partner with an influencer on TikTok, look for someone with a smaller following but high engagement rates. You’ll get more bang for your buck—and reach more potential customers in the process.

@katebartlett what i get in a week as a tiktokker 💘 #prhaul #influencertips #influencergiftings #influencer #haul #prunboxing ♬ original sound – kate bartlett

Are you looking to increase brand awareness? Partner with an influencer and watch your brand take off on TikTok.

Key Takeaway:  Find a TikTok influencer with a smaller but more engaged following to promote your product or service.

Don’t Sleep on Hashtags

Hashtags are important on TikTok, just like on other social media platforms. They’re one of the best ways to increase discoverability and reach on the platform.

When you use relevant hashtags, your content is more likely to be seen by users interested in what you have to say. And when you use trending hashtags, you can ride the wave of popularity and reach even more users.

Statistic: Most popular content categories on TikTok worldwide as of July 2020, by number of hashtag views (in billions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Just make sure you’re using a mix of popular and niche hashtags to reach the right people. And don’t forget to update your hashtag strategy regularly as new trends emerge.

And don’t forget about branded hashtags. These are hashtags that you create specifically for your brand. They can be used to promote contests, product launches, or just general brand awareness.

Key Takeaway:  Use hashtags to reach more users and promote your content on TikTok.

Invest in TikTok Video Ads

Finally, don’t forget to invest in TikTok ads. This platform will only continue to grow in popularity, so it’s vital to get ahead of the curve now.

TikTok saw the most significant increase in planned new platform investment for brands in 2022 (84%) versus YouTube (66%) and Instagram (64%).

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to reach potential customers where they’re already spending their time—on Tiktok!

Key Takeaway: Invest in TikTok ads to reach potential customers on this growing platform.


TikTok is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms among Gen Z consumers—and as a small business owner, that should be music to your ears.

By posting unique content, working with micro-influencers, and investing in TikTok ads, you can reach potential customers where they’re already spending their time and influence their purchasing decisions. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Are You Ready to Include TikTok in Your Marketing Strategy?

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