Email Marketing: Why you Absolutely, Positively Need it.

If you're not using email marketing for your small business, you need to stop what you're doing and read this post to learn why you need to start today!
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So, what is email marketing?  More importantly, “How can I use it to increase profits?”

You’re probably here to learn how email marketing can elevate your business.

But before we start, let me tell you a short story about email itself.

The history of email.

The history of electronic mail stretches far back – all the way to the 1960s.  So it’s actually older than the Internet. So yeah, it’s been with us a verrrrry long time. But still, I wouldn’t call it old. Rather, I’d call it traditional.

So how does this long established communication method compare to the newbies like social media?

  • Well first off many people simply don’t like social networks.  They’re not active on them, or haven’t even set up an account. But everybody’s got e-mail… right?
  • Secondly, most of the other marketing tools out there like PPC (learn more about PPC by reading our article on Pay Per Click for small business) are great for bringing in new customers.  But they’re poorly applicable when it comes to maintaining relationships with them.

On the other hand email marketing can be used for both.

Imagine that a small gift a discount or let’s say free shipping is offered to your prospect if he subscribes to your email newsletter. From there, you can send him the first email with the promised benefit, and boom you got a new customer.  But:

now the possibilities are endless.

The moment you have his email address, you can remind yourself any time you need;  send him new products you sell, what’s on sale for the week, or what’s trending.

Moreover, you can send him tailor-made offers based on his preferences or prior purchases.

This way, you can really encourage customers to get back to you.

And you know, do some more business with you.

Right! So now you know what e-mail marketing is good for.

So what’s our role in this? Do you know how to effectively build up your mailing list?

How often you should send newsletters? How to catch attention with your emails instead of spamming your customers? How to set up a system that will automate the mailing process?
Well, those are questions we’ll be happy to answer. So make the most out of e-mail marketing for your business and get in touch with us today.  No strings attached, no gimmicky sales pitches, we promise!

Alec Daniel

Alec Daniel

Alec is a veteran of the US Army with multiple combat deployments. As a sniper, he developed many skills including attention to detail. This skill was an easy benefit after transitioning into the digital space following his separation from the military. He immersed himself into a digital marketing career and began learning industry best practices. After a few of his Army friends also got out and started businesses, he began acting as their consultant to help them with their digital footprints. This led to ushering in their creation of websites and helping them develop project management skills that would assist them in coordinating future projects together; thus leading him into becoming an expert in collaboration within the field of web design & development!
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