Pay Per Click Advertising Explained

What is pay-per-click advertising anyway? Learn what PPC advertising is, and how you can use it to grow your business, and make more sales online.
what is pay per click ppc
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Learn about ppc marketing.

Whether you’ve heard a little about PPC marketing and are curious to learn about how it can benefit your marketing efforts.

Perhaps you already know that you want to implement PPC into existing marketing campaigns but aren’t sure exactly as to how to do it.

You’ve come to the right place.  As Baton Rouge’s pay-per-click marketing experts, we are ready to show you how!

First, we’ll need to define PPC and give you an overview of how PPC advertising works.

how pay per click works infographic
how pay per click works infographic

​So what is pay per click advertising?

PPC, or pay per click, just what exactly is it?

 First, let’s just very briefly describe what it is.

You probably already know how search engines work and how SEO can help your Web site get a better ranking right? 

Well, sometimes even the best SEO strategy is just not enough.

Perhaps the most important step is keyword research.  The keyword you want to optimize for could be facing some really tough competition. And you are simply unable to make it to the top results.  Or you can just use PPC. 

Basically, even if your SEO was not strong enough, your link can appear on the search results page thanks to PPC ads.

Because you only pay per click, this form of advertising is very effective.

Only people who are interested in your offer will click on the ad and you only pay for these relevant visitors.  

Now compare pay per click to traditional advertising:

Do you also just pay for people who have actually read your newspaper ad. Notice the difference?  Now you can say,  “That’s pretty cool. I can manage this PPC thing and get more customers.”  

Here comes the tricky part.

Do you really know what keywords you should optimize the campaign for , when to start it, and when to stop?

Do you know how much money to invest to actually get results? So here we come to help you.

Our PPC strategies not only evolve keyword research, scheduling, and budgeting. 

We can also help with the right ad text landing pages in the overall settings. Another reason for hiring us is that we constantly track, analyze, and evaluate all active campaigns to refine and improve the results. Honestly, would you have time for all this? Isn’t it better to simply entrust this to someone with a long history of experience so get in touch and start your first PPC campaign today? 

So get in touch with us and let’s discuss your goals and how PPC marketing can help your business.

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Jessica Ridge

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