How’s that Website Working For You?

Transform your website from a desolate ghost town to a thriving gold mine with our practical steps for overcoming common SEO and usability mistakes.
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From Ghost Town to Gold Mine: Fixing a Bad Site

Imagine your website as a billboard. Now, imagine that billboard in your basement. According to this SEO snapshot, that’s what we’re dealing with here. It’s a classic case of saving a dime to lose a dollar with low-tier SEO strategies. Let’s dive into the details of this online anonymity using a horribly performing site here in our area.

bad seo website example overview

The Quiet Place: No Visitors Here

bad seo website example zero traffic

This website’s organic traffic is a flatline – zero, nada. It’s the online equivalent of a store with boarded-up windows. Not exactly the bustling marketplace you had in mind, right?

Branded Keywords: The Echo Chamber

bad seo website example nine keywords

Here’s the rub: all nine keywords this site ranks for are branded. We won’t list the keywords (for obvious reasons), but it’s not doing this website any favors.

That’s like yelling your name in a canyon and waiting for someone else to answer. Sure, those who already know your brand will find you, but what about new customers? You’re invisible to them. 

Branded keywords are your business name and specific product names, which only reach people who already know you. They’re in your corner, but you’re not reaching out to anyone new. It’s like a party where you only invited your roommates – sure, you’re all going to show up, but isn’t the point of a website to meet new people?

Zero Spend on Traffic: A Closed Wallet

bad seo website example zero paid traffic

The traffic cost is a big zero, meaning there’s no investment to attract new visitors. It’s like expecting a garden to grow without planting any seeds.

Backlinks: A Foundation to Build On

bad seo website example low backlinks

With a count of 157 backlinks, this website isn’t exactly shouting from the rooftops, but it’s not whispering in the wind either. Think of backlinks as the building blocks of your site’s reputation. Right now, they have a small pile of blocks—it’s a start, but if they are looking to construct a skyscraper, they’ll need a lot more.

Backlinks are critical for SEO success because they signal to search engines that other websites consider your content valuable enough to link to. With 157 in this website’s corner, they’ve begun laying the groundwork. Now, it’s time to accelerate their efforts and really start stacking those blocks high.

The Fixer-Upper: SEO Edition

Even the most desolate website can be turned into a thriving hub with the right tactics:

  1. Content that Connects: Craft content that answers questions, solves problems, and gets shared. Be the website that has what everyone is searching for.
  2. Diversify Your Keywords: Move beyond branded keywords. Target broader industry terms, pain points, and questions your potential customers are asking.
  3. Backlinks Bonanza: Build relationships with other sites. Guest posts, partnerships, and helpful resources can turn into valuable backlinks.
  4. Social Media Buzz: Get active where your audience hangs out. Engage, share, and be social.
  5. Spy Games: What are your competitors doing right? Learn from them and do it better.

Enter BlakSheep Creative

Don’t let frugality be the downfall of your website’s potential. With BlakSheep Creative’s help, your site will be more than just a name in a crowded marketplace.

Is your website a well-kept secret? Let’s change that. Get in touch with BlakSheep Creative, and let’s make your website the go-to spot for new customers. Don’t settle for obscurity; it’s time for your business to shine. Contact us now. Use the form below or visit our SEO services page to learn more.

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