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kevin gillick jr burst event flyer 1

Kevin Gillick Jr. Burst Event Flyer

This event flyer for Kevin Gillick Jr. features a radial burst background. We made sure to include his trademark logo that we created. The result was an awesome burst graphic Kevin could be proud of.

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kevin gillick jr concert poster 1

Kevin Gillick Jr. Concert Poster

Historically music flyers and concert graphics have been placed anywhere from walls to light poles to sign posts. Bands and promoters used to depend on these Guerrilla tactics to ensure people know about (and attend) their live shows.

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kevin gillick jr country music singer logo

Kevin Gillick Jr. Logo

Country Music Singer Kevin Gillick Jr. prides himself in bringing country music back. When he approached us about a logo to represent him, we knew that it had to accurately match his style.

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kevin gillick jr burned logo mockup 1

Kevin Gillick Jr. Wood Logo Mockup

This Wood Burned Logo Mock-Up was created to use in various flyers, graphics, and as an element in anything really. Because of its realism, we have been able to incorporate it into many mediums that require something more than just a flat image of a logo.

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kevin gillick jr damn near gone album release video still 1

Kevin Gillick Jr. Album Trailer Video

A video trailer — for an audio art form — might sound like a silly thing (and sometimes it is), but as this discussion reminds us, people used to think music videos were a dumb idea too.

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kevin gillick damn near gone lyric video thumbnail 1 1

Kevin Gillick Jr. Lyric Video

When Kevin wanted to promote his newest single, “Damn Near Gone,” we suggested to him that he also release a lyric video. With the rise of YouTube taking over the internet, it’s changed the game for a lot of video and animation production.

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