Kevin Gillick Jr. Lyric Video

Damn Near Gone Lyric Video

When Kevin wanted to promote his newest single, “Damn Near Gone,” we suggested to him that he also release a lyric video.   With the rise of YouTube taking over the internet, it’s changed the game for a lot of video and animation production. One big area it changed was music videos.  No longer do artists have to rely on media giants such as VH1 and MTV. A larger change came via the rise of a newer type of content that is really being capitalized on by record labels, the lyric video.
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 A lyric video is basically a music video that focuses on showing the lyrics to the song on screen as the song is played. A simple idea, but it’s taking off and becoming a popular genre for labels to get more content out there for their bands.

Lyric videos have taken the music world by storm.

We’re not historians on lyric videos but from what we’ve been able to gather it’s been an evolutionary process that started early on YouTube. People quickly wanted to make it so if one wanted to listen to music on YouTube that would be possible because labels at first were either reluctant or just not interested in uploading official videos for the music.

Lyric videos shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Let us create a professional lyric video like this one we did for Kevin Gillick Jr., at a price an aspiring musician can afford!

Let’s Create Your Band's Lyric Video Now!

BlakSheep Creative is your go to agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to create your lyric videos to ensure that listeners know the words to your songs and can sing along.

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