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Looking for an impressive mockup portfolio to showcase your branding work? Look no further than BlakSheep Creative!

opies crawfish baton rouge logo design

Opie’s Crawfish Logo Design

The Opie's Crawfish logo design is a creative re-imagining and reworking of traditional crawfish iconography. View the logo and learn more here.

kevin gillick jr burned logo mockup 1

Kevin Gillick Jr. Wood Logo Mockup

This Wood Burned Logo Mock-Up was created to use in various flyers, graphics, and as an element in anything really. Because of its realism, we have been able to incorporate it into many mediums that require something more than just a flat image of a logo.

transformed living mall sign mockup 1

Transformed Living Sign Mockup

This sign mockup was created for Transformed Living. to provide a realistic view of their sign as it would be on their storefront.

transformed living branding mockup 1

Transformed Living Branding Mockup

A Mockup is a full-size model of a design or device. High-quality mockups are very essential for designers to present their branding ideas.

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