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josh walters gumbo cookoff event flyer

Josh Walters Gumbo Cookoff Event Flyer

For this Gumbo Cookoff graphic, we made a roux from red and gold colors, threw in a lot of event information, and stirred the pot until we came up with a spicy graphic to serve the gumbo cookoff well.

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kevin gillick jr whiskey flyer

Kevin Gillick Jr. Whiskey Themed Concert Flyer

Ever since Johnny Cash recorded, “Tennessee Whiskey,” whiskey has played a role in country music. Whiskey Concert Flyers are all the rage these days for music artists. Check out this whiskey infused concert flyer that we created for Country Artist Kevin Gillick Jr.

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chubby carrier rock n bowl event flyer

Chubby Carrier Rock n Bowl de Lafayette Show Flyer

Chubby asked us to create something fun and lively for his upcoming show at the Rock N Bowl de Lafayette. We started with an awesome live photo of him taken by a professional photographer and build on it. The result is a bold and vibrant event flyer perfect for his Paw-Tay!

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josh walkers harvest market acoustic show flyer

Josh Walters Harvest Market Acoustic Show Flyer

This acoustic music night flyer was created for Country Artist Josh Walters. Josh was playing a special acoustic show at the Inglewood Harvest Barn Market. This was a special show for Josh because there was to be a special appearance by P. Allen Smith, who hosts shows on both HG TV and PBS.

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kevin gillick jr concert poster

Kevin Gillick Jr. Concert Poster

Historically music flyers and concert graphics have been placed anywhere from walls to light poles to sign posts. Bands and promoters used to depend on these Guerrilla tactics to ensure people know about (and attend) their live shows.

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chubby carrier abacus brunch flyer

Chubby Carrier Abacus Brunch Flyer

This show flyer was as easy as cooking breakfast. Chubby typically sends us an image that he wants the graphic designed around. Sometimes, the images have transparent backgrounds, often times we have to mask the edges or get creative.

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