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Chubby Carrier Black Pot CD Cover and Artwork

CD cover artwork for a grammy award winning zydeco artist

Chubby Carrier wanted the album cover to be Louisiana-Themed.  We designed a simple cover that featured an old black iron skillet with a small amount of oil in it.  This image has said to invoke memories of grandma’s house on a Sunday morning, as she cooks over an old natural gas stove, perhaps cooking a roux for a gumbo of some sorts.

Plain CD covers with just text on a shiny cd are so boring.  On a whim, we decided to continue the Black Pot theme and design the disk itself to appear as it were a Black Pot itself.  Although not intentional, the title font even continued the Black Pot theme.  Entitled, “Black Boys on Mopeds,” by Pizzadude, this font was clean but fun, and facilitated in making the text appear as if it were liquid as well. Hopefully listeners don’t burn themselves on the CD, as the music alone on it is fire!

The rear portion of the cd sleeve features an image of Chubby’s main tool, his accordion.  Although he sent a vibrant photo of it, we opted to put some filters on it in Adobe Photoshop, and then just make it black and white to match the motif of this album artwork.

Make no mistake, the rear was a juggling act of sorts.  We had to figure out how to keep the artwork simple, but manage to get all of the text on it.  We used Lemon/Milk as the main font for the track names, and used good old reliable Helvetica for the credits.

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