Primescape Fence & Stain Website Redesign

February 4, 2024


Primescape Fence & Stain

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Elevating Boundaries: The Primescape Fence & Stain Digital Revolution

BlakSheep Creative is proud to unveil the culmination of a comprehensive website overhaul for Primescape Fence & Stain, the foremost authority in fencing solutions across Livingston Parish. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, setting new standards in the fencing industry’s digital landscape and showcasing the transformative impact of a well-orchestrated digital strategy.


Primescape Fence & Stain is renowned for its craftsmanship, commitment to quality, and creation of secure, visually appealing environments.


To uplift Primescape Fence & Stain’s digital presence by developing a platform that not only showcases its broad spectrum of fencing services but also mirrors the company’s unwavering commitment to quality, durability, and customer fulfillment.


  • Strategic Planning: Engaged in a deep-dive with Primescape Fence & Stain to fully grasp their service offerings, brand identity, and customer aspirations, ensuring the website aligns perfectly with their operational objectives and client requisites.
  • Service Showcase: Crafted comprehensive, informative pages for each of Primescape’s services, including Wood Fence Installation, Automatic Gate Openers, and Vinyl/PVC Fence Installation, among others. Each page meticulously emphasizes the distinctive advantages and stringent standards upheld by each service.
  • User Experience Design: Designed an intuitive website layout and navigation framework, simplifying the process for potential clients to discover pertinent information and interact with the company’s offerings.
  • Visual Storytelling: Adopted a robust, elegant aesthetic that reflects the durability and style synonymous with Primescape Fence & Stain. Strategic imagery and a cohesive color scheme were employed to boost the site’s visual allure and user engagement.


The revitalized website has propelled Primescape Fence & Stain’s digital persona, presenting a refined, user-centric design that effectively communicates the company’s exhaustive service suite and dedication to client satisfaction. More than just a service showcase, the platform stands as a testament to the company’s stature as an industry frontrunner.

Client Testimonial:

Our dedication to delivering value, seamless transitions, and unparalleled service is evident in our clients’ achievements. A heartfelt thank you to Kip and the entire team for entrusting us with your digital transformation. Ready for a change that delivers tangible results? Engage with BlakSheep Creative – where excellence and innovation converge in the digital domain.

BlakSheep Creative’s revamp of the Primescape Fence & Stain website exemplifies how strategic digital solutions can amplify a company’s online presence and reach in the market. This project is a testament to our resolve to produce outstanding outcomes, further solidifying our stature as pioneers in the realm of digital innovation and marketing supremacy.

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