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February 1, 2024


Advanced Office Care

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Advanced Office Care: A Pristine Digital Transformation

BlakSheep Creative is excited to showcase the successful completion of a comprehensive website redesign for Advanced Office Care, Baton Rouge’s premier janitorial service provider. Our collaboration has set a new benchmark in the janitorial service industry’s digital presence, illustrating the transformative power of a well-executed digital strategy.

Client: Advanced Office Care, known for its commitment to pristine, health-conscious, and inspiring work environments.


To elevate Advanced Office Care’s online presence by creating a digital platform that not only details its extensive range of janitorial services but also reflects the company’s dedication to excellence, safety, and customer satisfaction.


  1. Strategic Planning: Collaborated with Advanced Office Care to understand their service offerings, brand values, and client expectations, ensuring the website aligns with their business goals and client needs.
  2. Service Showcase: Developed detailed, informative service pages for each of Advanced Office Care’s offerings, including Church Cleaning, Daycare Cleaning, and Medical Office Building Cleaning, among others. Each page is designed to highlight the unique benefits and professional standards of the respective service.
  3. User Experience Design: Crafted an intuitive website structure and navigation system, making it easy for potential clients to find relevant information and engage with the company’s services.
  4. Visual Storytelling: Employed a clean, professional aesthetic that mirrors the high standards of cleanliness and care that Advanced Office Care is known for. The use of relevant imagery and a cohesive color scheme enhances the site’s visual appeal and user engagement.


The new website has transformed Advanced Office Care’s digital presence with a sophisticated, user-friendly design that effectively communicates the company’s comprehensive service offerings and commitment to client satisfaction. The platform not only serves as a service showcase but also as a testament to the company’s reputation as a leader in the janitorial industry.

Client Testimonial:

clay advanced office care baton rouge review

We’re proud to share the glowing feedback from Clay Vavasseur of Advanced Office Care, who recently experienced the BlakSheep Creative difference:

‘I wish we would have switched sooner. Advanced Office Care was forced to switch services when the big corporate giant we were using decided to discontinue those services. Not only did BlakSheep make the transition easy, Clint and his team also offers more for your money.’

Our commitment to providing value, seamless transitions, and superior service shines through in our clients’ successes. Thank you, Clay, for trusting us to elevate your digital presence. Ready for a change that brings real results? Contact BlakSheep Creative – where quality and value meet digital expertise.

BlakSheep Creative’s redesign of the Advanced Office Care website is a prime example of how strategic digital solutions can enhance a company’s online presence and market reach. This project demonstrates our commitment to delivering exceptional results, reinforcing our reputation as a leader in digital innovation and marketing excellence.

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