Chris Breaux and Six String Rodeo Memorial Day Flyer

A Memorial Day event graphic

When Chris Breaux and Six String Rodeo needed a flyer for their memorial day celebration concert, we knew just what they needed.  The show was an evening concert at The Grouse Room in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Because, the Grouse Room is known as, “Lafayette’s Most Unique Bar and Music Venue,” the accompanying music flyer for Chris and his band had to share the same traits.

For this promotional graphic for the show at the Grouse Room, we began by creating a background of wood.  This was intended to capture the rustic feel and vibe that represents Chris’ music.  Secondly, we added a high definition of Old Glory waving across the top third.  The American Flag was almost necessary because – Memorial Day.  Next, we added all of the western elements that one could expect in a country music flyer.  Lastly we added an image of Chris, the band’s Logo, and the event details.

The end result was a graphic that’s perfect for a memorial day event, holiday, or any other patriotic event/concert/party.

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