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Chris Breaux and Six String Rodeo Desert Flyer

A country music artist’s desert themed event flyer

This Desert Flyer features Gold, Gold, and More Gold.

Because country music is synonymous with images of the wild wild west, our first idea for this graphic was to make it a desert flyer. We started with a desert scene, complete with a galloping horse and cactus. Then, we added some standard western elements to drive the theme home.

We then added the band and promoter logos and styled them to match the overall vibe of the graphic. Gold, Gold, Gold.

Because the majority of the desert flyer was gold, we applied some adjustments to the image of Chris Breaux to make the colors stand out. We employed a similar technique on Chris’ Club Mezazz flyer to draw the viewer’s gaze to critical elements.

Lastly, we added the event information. We made sure to put the event date information into a sheriff’s badge. Much like the lawmen of the old west were critical to keep order, a good band is critical to have a good time!

The result is a desert flyer that’s perfect for any concert, corral, rodeo, or any other event where you need a reason to whoop and holler.

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