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Modern and Simple

We were tasked with creating a modern but simple nonprofit logo design for this client.  The client wanted a patriotic-themed logo, so of course we went with Red White and Blue for the color palette.  On the left is the Louisiana State Capitol, as this particular nonprofit is headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The colors we chose are standard, no frills red (#ed224), white (#ffffff), and blue (3a53a4).  What better colors to evoke a patriotic feel right?

The font used in this particular logo was Call of Ops Duty by Chequered Ink
Call of Ops Duty is based off of the well-known font Impact and the logo from the game Call of Duty.  It can be downloaded from

Let’s Create Your Nonprofit's Logo Now!

A great nonprofit logo is only one piece of a great nonprofit brand, but it is certainly a key component. The best nonprofit logos are: aesthetically pleasing, distinctive, memorable, timeless, simple enough for use with multiple mediums, adaptable (color and black and white) and communicates qualities of the brand. This nonprofit logo does just that. Our logo design professionals are ready, willing, and able to partner with your organization to create a logo that does just that!

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