Baton Rouge Fire Department 2018 Recruitment Flyer Design

August 30, 2019

Check out this fire department recruitment flyer we created for the Baton Rouge Fire Department. See why we're Baton Rouge's best.


Baton Rouge Fire Department

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baton rouge fire department 2018 recuitment flyer

The Baton Rouge Fire Department was started in 1825 under the name of the Baton Rouge Bucket Company.

Since that year the Baton Rouge Fire Department has grown into one of the leaders in the fire service industry.

They were the first in the nation to achieve a Class 1 Rating and the only fire department to retain this rating for over 40 years.

The Baton Rouge Fire Department offers many excellent employment opportunities to qualified individuals on a non-discriminatory basis.

As a firefighter and veteran-owned web design business, we do everything that we can to support those who serve and keep us safe. 

Whether they be fighting fires on the homeland, or fighting for freedom overseas, we’ve got their back!

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