One of our favorite event flyers

Event flyers are one of the most traditional ways to attract people to your event. They’re also one of the most effective — but only when done right

Although there’s less buzz about flyers thanks to the dominance of digital channels, they still play a vital role in many organizers’ event promotion strategies. And in fact, flyers don’t always have to live on paper; digital flyers can be just as effective. Whether you’re printing your flyers or not, you’ll need to create beautiful, impactful flyers to actually drive ticket sales.

This event flyer we created for Louisiana Cover Band Dirty Blonde focused on a back view of a model with the band’s logo on her, well, you see the image.

Let’s Create Your Band’s Event’s Flyers Now!

BlakSheep Creative is your go-to agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for all of your band or music group’s design needs.  From event flyers to electronic press kits, arena tours to casino shows, our design experts can give you all of the design elements you need to share your music with the world.

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