Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Business with MeWe

The use of alternative social media platforms is on the rise. Learn how you can get on the bandwagon and use MeWe to promote your small business.
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Your work is far from finished when you have written a short article and published it on your site. Promote, Promote, Promote! There are lots of locations, and MeWe should be on your order of business.

As soon as you have published them, do not assume that individuals will just discover articles on your blog or site. They will not, and you should promote them daily, weekly, and month-to-month.

Never stop! 

Promotion starts with ensuring your newest post appears on your website’s web page, but that is simply the first step, and you must promote your website and your articles throughout a lot of social media networks. 

Speaking of networks, you should consider joining a barter exchange such as iTradexchange. Learn why we did.

In this post, learn how to promote your business using MeWe.

Why promote with MeWe?

Facebook has over 2 billion members, which is far more than most other social networks, so indeed, that is a great location to promote your site.

On Facebook, you are a little fish in a vast pond; however, on MeWe, you could be a giant shark In a little pond.

Fewer competitors (people promoting their websites) could enable you to stand apart more. That’s why alternative social networks are perfect for promoting your business.

Speaking of alternative social media networks, read our post: Parler – A Free Speech Social Media Option (But is it really?) before you abandon Facebook and Twitter altogether.

How many people are active on MeWe? 

As Google+ shut down, many individuals migrated to MeWe, and development was 300 to 400% in 2018 and even more significant in 2019. 

Once you add iOS users and web users, the number of active individuals on MeWe looks to be in the millions.

Just look at look at the Apple App Store, and you’ll see how popular MeWe is.

As a matter of fact, according to a recent press release , “MeWe expects over 100 million members by the end of 2020, having achieved 405% growth in 2018 and growing twice as fast on a daily basis in 2019. 60% of MeWe’s traffic is international, and 35% of members are active—exceeding industry standards.”

Here are a few of the benefits to bloggers and business website owners:

  • Countless active users that you can promote your website to
  • Developing a following of people who like your material
  • Constructing a group or neighborhood in your location of interest
  • Building a page to engage with fans

No Curated Content

Mainstream social media platforms utilize algorithms to choose what they think users need to check out, which frustrates marketers. The private networks claim that they are not tracking user data, so all content published can be seen by followers or group members.

” MeWe is the platform for the future,” stated Mark Weinstein (founder of MeWe). “It lets users really see all the posts they want to see since we do not curate their feed.”

Steps to Promoting Your Business on MeWe

Open a MeWe account.

setup mewe account for business

Go to the MeWe website and register. It is complementary and takes just a minute. MeWe is concentrated on personal privacy and actually promotes it as one of the advantages. Unlike other social networks that gather every scrap of details about you and utilize it to boost marketing, MeWe has no advertising and doesn’t share your details with anybody.

Learn the MeWe Home Feed

home feed mewe for businesses

The menus, buttons, and screen designs are different from Facebook, but they work similarly. 

You post comments, links, images, and videos on your home feed, just like Facebook. Your home feed also shows posts from other people you follow. 

In numerous ways, it is like Facebook with a different layout.

Posts can be public or private.

Public posts: Not actually public, only public in the sense that anybody on MeWe can see them. No one outside of MeWe can see them.

Personal posts: Only people you are friends with can see your posts.

MeWe has its own ‘like’ button, but it is actually a collection of emojis, and you can use thumbs up or down, hearts, and more to indicate what you think of a post.

Disadvantages: Just MeWe members can see MeWe material, and non-members can not see anything.

Advantages: You can brand name your homepage, groups, and pages with your image and cover photo. You can even promote it on your site or blog and get people– fans, clients, interested celebrations– to follow you on MeWe. Your followers will see them when you publish updates. You might construct a following on MeWe and share content with them.

Use MeWe groups

mewe groups for small business

A group on MeWe is a location where individuals with the same interests can talk, publish messages, videos, photos, and links. 

A group should be devoted to a particular topic, such as Adorable Pet Dogs, Scuba Diving, Delicious Vegetarian Food, and so on. There are countless groups on MeWe covering a vast array of topics, but there is room for one more– yours!

Nonprofits and other companies might consider utilizing MeWe private groups for internal cooperation. The private group supplies editable documents, personal messaging, event calendars, separate discussion groups, and developing threads off different idea streams.

You are most likely acquainted with Facebook groups, and MeWe groups are essentially the same thing. 

You can create several groups of your own, and you can join groups produced by others. 

You can chat with similar people in groups, give or get assistance, and share links to your website or posts.

Group tweet, a MeWe feature, permits members of a group (depending upon individual settings) to see what other members are tweeting. 

It’s an excellent method to help you recognize group members interests and possible influencers.

browse all groups on mewe

The “browse groups” button on the left of the page lets you look for groups that interest you and join them. Just enter a keyword that explains your interest. 

Hover over the Group icon in the toolbar, and the groups you belong to are listed. Clicking on the group name will take you right to it.

A “New Group” link is at the top to create your own group.

It is straightforward, and it just needs a few pieces of information like the group name, a description, the classification (Cyclists, Photography, DIY, whatever), a cover image, and a color. 

All of these elements can be configured to align with your website, specific niche, or blog.

Advantages to websites and bloggers: You can brand the group with the same color, cover image, logo design, or pick something related to your site’s niche. 

A group for rock climbers where individuals can meet and talk and exchange ideas and information could be an excellent benefit for your site if your website covers rock climbing. 

You have complete control over who can join, so you could make a private group specifically for customers of your services or items.

Whether you create your own group or join existing ones, they can be another great location to promote your site, services, and items. 

If you don’t have a website for your business to send your MeWe friends to, check out some of our Baton Rouge Web Design and Development options for you.

Ok, back to using MeWe for your small business.

Some groups have thousands of members.

  • Search for groups in your interest location
  • Join groups connected to your topic
  • Create your own group.

Bear in mind; it can be challenging to get people to join your group unless you put  time and effort into promoting it. This holds true on all social media platforms. 

It can be an excellent way to get people interested in your subject area, whether it is cats, dogs, airplanes, health, you name it.

Like Facebook groups, on occasion, some troublemakers post spam, negative comments, and spammy links. MeWe has functions and controls that assist, but mostly it is down to you to make sure the group runs efficiently.

MeWe Pages for your business

Just like Facebook, MeWe has business pages, and they work in the same manner. For example, here is an image of the MeWe page for Love In a Box, LLC, a cookie and pastry company here in Baton Rouge. (You can view their MeWe page at https://mewe.com/p/loveinaboxllc2

love in a box baton rouge small business mewe page
love in a box baton rouge small business mewe page

Just like Love In a Box, LLC. did, you too can produce a page and brand name with your blog site cover image, company logo, and name, and so on. You can then post interesting material for individuals that follow your blog or site.

One distinction between MeWe and Facebook is that MeWe charges for business pages. There is no marketing on MeWe, and to support the service, there are a few premium features, and business pages are one of them.

Like Facebook, you can build  a massive following for your MeWe page, and it could be a beneficial feature.

If you’re budget-strapped, it’s something you can put off till later on and still make great use of loads of free features on MeWe.

MeWe posting strategy for your business

As with any social media strategy, you will get more people following your account, more likes on your posts, more individuals following your page, and joining your group if you actively engage with individuals. 

Do not think about it as a method to promote your site just by sharing links; consider it as a way to build a community of like-minded people in your subject niche. 

Speak with individuals, talk about interesting topics, share your understanding, and get to know individuals.

As you begin to interact with people, it’s ok to mention your website or share a link to a post that is relevant to the conversation every now and then.

Spam is an issue on all social media networks, and publishing links to your website several times a day may give you a reputation as a spammer, and MeWe hates spam.

It is very tempting to sign up with as many groups as you can and blast out the link in all of them when there is a brand-new post on your website.

Please don’t do it. It’s just spammy!

Instead, when you create a new blog post, write a few detailed sentences, and share a link to a post on your website. 

Never post the same thing two times and never share the very same thing two times. 

Make certain it is relevant and don’t publish random links.

Please do not spam! Instead, engage with individuals, help them, chat with them, and occasionally post a link to your website.

Create a smart profile

The material of your MeWe profile is more crucial than you realize, plus the contents are searchable.

Go to your profile and make sure to edit your About Me section.

keywords in mewe about me profile

Make sure to include keywords. For example, if you are interested in running and physical fitness, then make sure ‘running’ and ‘physical fitness’ appear in About Me. 

When somebody utilizes the search center at the top of every MeWe page to search for ‘running’ or ‘fitness,’ you will show up on the search results page.

Keywords in your profile About Me help individuals to discover you — if people can find you, they may join your groups and/or follow you.

Ideas For Marketing on MeWe and other Private Social Networks:

  • Join like-minded groups and post relevant, interesting, and engaging content.
  • Create an interest group for your target market.
  • MeWe allows you to have different personas based on individual groups. Use this to highlight the information and ideas you want to be shown based on the group’s interest.
  • Add a MeWe share button on your website and/or blog. If you’re already creating great content, why not make it easy to share it on all social networks?
  • MeWe also allows you to upload files (similar to Google Drive and Dropbox) for easy sharing and collaboration. Consider creating a document to encourage members to collaborate on. Or share your document without requiring the reader to go to a different website.

MeWe makes it simple for users to share your posts on other social networks (even simultaneously), making it possible for your content to be shared beyond MeWe to the other popular social channels.

Next Steps

  • If you haven’t already done so, join MeWe
  • Utilize the Search box at the top to discover people to follow and groups to join
  • Engage with individuals, do not just blast a lot of links at everyone
  • Create your own group related to your site niche and build the subscription
  • Post links to your profile and groups on your website to get individuals to join
  • If you’d rather us do it for you, just contact us for a free strategy session.

As you can see,  the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

However, there is a trend — as users get more concerned with privacy and censorship online, they’re turning to alternative social media networks.

The good news is that you can use these alternative social networks to promote your business or website and be successful doing so.

Maybe even more successful than on the social media giants!

How have you utilized private networks to help your marketing efforts? We’d love to hear how it’s working for you.

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