4 Ways to Make Your Brand Memorable

Learn how you can use storytelling and visuals, as well as the right kind of marketing message, to create an unforgettable brand.
4 ways to make your brand memorable
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You know the feeling. You see a commercial for a product or service and think, “Huh, that’s kind of neat. I should check that out sometime.” But then you forget everything by the time the next commercial comes on. Or maybe you’ve been to a friend’s house, and they have this cool-looking thingamajig, but you can’t remember what it’s called or where they got it.

What separates the products and brands that stay with us from the ones that fade into the background? Read on for four ways to make your brand memorable.

jamie breann photography logo brand style sheet
jamie breann photography logo brand style sheet

✍🏼 1. Be Consistent Across All Channels

This one seems straightforward, but you’d be surprised how many brands trip up here. Your company name, logo, mission statement, and tagline should be consistent across all platforms, whether your website, social media accounts, print materials, or email marketing campaigns. This way, people will begin to recognize your brand no matter where they encounter it.

📢 2. Tell a Story

People love stories. They’re how we make sense of the world and connect with one another. When creating your brand identity, think about what story you want to tell. What is your company’s origin story? What are your core values? Answering these questions will help you create both meaningful and memorable content.

how to select brand colors
how to select brand colors

👁️ 3. Use Visual Cues

Our brains are hardwired to respond to visual stimuli, so it makes sense to use visuals when trying to make an impression. That’s why businesses put so much effort into things like their logos and color schemes—these elements that people will associate with your brand long after seeing them. So if you’re not happy with your current logo or website design, now might be a good time for a refresh.

🤹🏼 4. Be Different

In a sea of sameness, being different will make people sit up and take notice of your brand. That doesn’t mean being weird for weirdness’ sake (although that can work too), but rather putting thought into what makes your company unique and using that to inform every aspect of your branding strategy. Are you environmentally friendly? Do you give back to the community? Do whatever you can to set yourself apart from the competition.

Countless brands are vying for attention, but only a few manage to break through the noise and become truly memorable. If you want your business to be one of those companies, put some extra thought into your branding strategy—it could make all the difference in distinguishing your business from the rest of the pack.

Now that you know how to make your brand memorable put these tips into practice and see how they can help your business stand out from the crowd.

Of course, if you need help with your branding strategy, our team at BlakSheep Creative is always happy to lend a hand. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you take your brand to the next level. Fill out the form below to get started today!

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