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3 Reasons Why Local SEO Absolutely Needs to be on Your Priority List.

More and more people are using Google Maps and their associated business listings to find local businesses and services. Here's why local SEO needs to be on YOUR priority list.
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As your premier and Baton Rouge SEO, digital marketing, and web design agency, Blaksheep Creative wants to see you succeed.  We prioritize your success over our sales. That’s why we’re sharing our secret list of 3 reasons that Local SEO should be atop of your business priority list.

With today’s modern technology, more and more people are using Google Maps and their associated business listings to find local businesses and services. Eight out of ten consumers prefer to use search engines to find local information of products and services that they immediately need. 

These days, for your business to survive and keep its’ doors open, it is critical that you get to the top page of Google and dominate search on Google local.

However, getting to the top of the search results shouldn’t be your top priority.

Yeah, you read that right!

Staying there should be!

That’s why it is critical that you understand why you need to include local SEO into all of your SEO campaigns to increase your local search ranking (and your sales!)  

To help you understand, you will find below 3 of the best reasons why your business absolutely needs local SEO.

  • It helps create greater local visibility resulting in more foot traffic and more sales.

    Local SEO helps you promote your products and services to potential customers through local search. Signals such as local content, social profile pages, links, and local citations are some of the information that can be provided through local SEO.This enables search engines to provide relevant results to users, leading to improve local rankings and increased sales.

    Do you see a theme here?  Increased Sales!

  • It shows that your business is authentic

    Users find local listings that land on top of search engine pages more authentic than organic or paid search results.

    Maps, verified and updated contact information, customer reviews, and relevant media are just some of the factors that increases trust in your local business.

As a matter of fact, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

  • It helps you be a top local search result.
    Google now lists search results in what’s known as the “local pack.” 


You see, the search engine giant uses your geographical location and attempts to find you a service provider close to you.  

See why local search engine optimization is important?

Investing in long term SEO services could easily help you increase your website’s mobile traffic.

If doesn’t have to be super expensive either.  We provide affordable SEO services for small businesses to help you succeed online.

By maintaining updated versions of your social media profiles, business name, location, and contact information and developing a mobile-friendly version of your website, your business will definitely find its way to the top of local mobile results pages and other major search engine structures and features.

All in all, local businesses could really use and enjoy the benefits of local SEO, especially with the fact that people love to support local businesses more than national or global stores.

Let us be your Baton Rouge SEO company.

Want to learn how to set up a successful local SEO campaign for your business? Or do you need advice on your online marketing? Would you like to see how our awesome website design can help you increase sales?  Schedule a free consultation with us now!

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