Why You Need to Know About Content / Inbound Marketing

You're making a serious mistake if you don't know about content / inbound marketing. Don't lose your sales to your competition!
why you need to know about content marketing baton rouge
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Content or inbound marketing,

Before telling you more about our modern approach to inbound marketing, we have to help you understand how traditional outbound marketing works, and why traditional marketing is a thing of the past.

In this older concept, the center of the process is the marketing message you want to spread out to your potential customers.

And you can use various ways to do that. Cold calls, TV or radio advertising, direct mail, or newspaper ads.

But, with modern inbound marketing, you don’t have to!

Now, we’re not telling you these methods don’t work, because they do, but they have so many disadvantages:

  • First, you need to spend a ridiculous amount of money to get your marketing message to people.
  • Second, not all of these people are actually your target audience so only a part of them will react and be ready to buy your products or services.
  • Last but not least some people will probably get angry since outbound marketing is sometimes perceived as aggressive advertising content or inbound marketing.

On the other hand is an entirely different story. The center of the process is… Guess what? Content.

It’s all about creating something interesting, helpful, enjoyable:  an article, blog, video, infographics – Something that your prospects might be naturally attracted to when browsing the web or social networks.   It costs about 61% less and is more effective and nonaggressive, to be honest.  Add interactive elements and calls to action and you’re sure to convert!

Create compelling content with video marketing

A video is only one of the types of content we can create for you that attracts customers. You can focus all of your time on converting, closing, and delighting!

Quality content builds trust and should be a part of any long term marketing strategy.

We will find the right types of quality content for your business, optimize it for search engines to get you ranked higher (which results in more leads generated), promote your content on social media and other channels, and finally improve the conversion rates to turn even more visitors into customers wait no more. Get in touch with us or complete this form to discuss your inbound marketing strategy today!

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