5 Mysteries About Web Hosting Explained

Learn 5 mysteries about web hosting to make education decisions on what to look for in a website hosting provider. They may surprise you.
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    So you probably already know whatever field you’re in. You need a Web site.  If you don’t here are 10 Reasons why you do.  But have you thought about the technical side of having one?

    What is web hosting?

    To enable your Web site to be accessible to your prospective customers it needs to be hosted somewhere. This means that there must be a computer constantly connected to the Internet. A server that will do the job.

    Now you’ve basically got three options:

    The first one is setting up your own computer as a server.

    Although this may look like the easiest way it’s probably the worst and most expensive choice.

    • First of all remember that your computer will need to be powered 24/7. And that any internet instability or slowdown would cause your Web site to become unavailable.
    • Secondly setting up a server can get pretty tricky. Do you really want to deal with all the IP addresses. DNS records or ask. Well databases. Now. Trust me. You don’t.

    Option number two is to use a free hosting service.

    But as with anything else in life free rarely means anything good. Usually, with such a service your site is hosted at some strange address.
    Which always raises concerns about your credibility. Not only for Web site visitors but also for search engines.
    Also these hosting services usually only offer limited space for your content can be very unreliable and lack quality human support. If there’s any at all.

    The last and best option is to simply go with us.

    These are the top five reasons to join our happy customers in using our hosting services.

    • You can easily choose a credible. Easy to remember Web site address. Plus get as many email accounts as you want.
    • Our installation process is fast and easy. So your Web site is only a few clicks away. And in case of any problems our professionally trained support is always here for you.
    • Our servers support all major software. So whatever you need we got you covered. Oh and of course your Web site reliability and data security are our top priorities.
    • And in the case of a disaster all your data is regularly backed up. (check out our article about preparing your company website for a natural disaster).  With all that said.
    • Our hosting plans start at very, very reasonable prices. So if you’re looking for a safe home for your Web site look no further.

    Simply complete the form below to get the best hosting around.

    Joshua Guilbeau

    Joshua Guilbeau

    Josh is an accomplished graphic designer and branding expert with over 10 years of experience. With a range of clients including non-profits, restaurants, colleges and universities, healthcare organizations as well as small business owners, he has created design solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and have a functional purpose. Loving father to his wife and three kids who keep him on his toes in Baton Rouge where he enjoys spending time outdoors when the weather permits or kicking back with a good book.
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