Understanding Semrush Sensor: A Comprehensive Guide

Unravel the complexities of SEO with our comprehensive guide on understanding and utilizing Semrush Sensor. Stay informed and adaptable with real-time data, category-specific insights, and personalized tracking.
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In the ever-evolving world of search engine rankings, staying ahead of the game is crucial for businesses and website owners. To help you navigate these changes, Semrush offers a powerful tool called Sensor. This blog post will delve into the intricacies of Sensor, shedding light on its features, calculation methods, and practical applications.

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How is the Sensor score calculated?

The Sensor score is determined by daily monitoring of the search rankings for a set of keywords. Semrush measures the changes in rankings and uses a proprietary formula to calculate the total search volatility for the day. The higher the score, the more significant the changes in rankings.

Interpreting the Sensor score

Contrary to popular belief, a high or very high Sensor score doesn’t necessarily indicate a negative outcome. It simply means that there have been considerable fluctuations in rankings. These fluctuations can be attributed to Google algorithm updates or penalties. It’s important to note that your website’s positions can both improve and decline during a day with a high score. Therefore, it’s advisable to monitor the score as a precautionary measure.

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On the other hand, a low Sensor score suggests unusually stable rankings. While this may raise some suspicion, it is not necessarily harmful. With daily updates and minor algorithm tweaks, slight variations in rankings are common. Days with a calm score often coincide with major holidays.

Real-time tracking and categories

Semrush updates the Sensor score throughout the day, enabling users to access real-time data. Additionally, Sensor provides insight into how different Google updates affect specific industries. By categorizing keywords based on industry, Sensor highlights the industries most impacted by these updates. This information helps businesses understand the trends and shifts in their respective sectors.

International coverage and personalization

Sensor currently monitors databases in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Australia, Japan, and China. While it primarily focuses on Google databases, Semrush plans to expand its coverage to other search engines like Bing.

Moreover, Sensor offers a feature called Personal Score, which allows users to calculate volatility scores for keyword sets in Position Tracking. This feature provides more precise results when multiple keywords exist in these campaigns, enabling users to personalize their monitoring experience.

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Notifications and Winners & Losers

The sensor ensures you stay informed through its notification system. Users receive notifications when the volatility jumps from a lower zone (normal or moderate) to a higher zone (high or very high). If consecutive days of high scores exist, you will only receive a single notification for the initial jump.

Another valuable aspect of Sensor is the “Winners & Losers” feature. Semrush calculates the average movement of URLs within the top 20 rankings for each domain tracked by Sensor. This data helps identify the most affected domains daily. While it represents a sample rather than a comprehensive overview of the entire web, it is a valuable tool for researching the impact of Google updates.


Semrush Sensor is a powerful tool that empowers businesses and website owners to navigate the ever-changing landscape of search engine rankings. Sensor equips users with the knowledge needed to adapt and thrive by providing real-time data, category-specific insights, and personalized tracking. Stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions with the help of Semrush Sensor.

For further information, consult the User Manual or contact Semrush through their contact channels.

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