The Way PDO and Preschool Website Redesign

October 27, 2019

Check out the new and improved The Way PDO and Preschool website. We love redesigning websites for our clients. Learn how we can do yours today.


The Way PDO and Preschool

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As your business grows, so do its marketing needs.  Your website should constantly be evolving to accommodate your business needs, goals, and objectives. 

After a thorough analysis of their current website, we were able to determine what was working and what tweaks could be made to ensure that The Way PDO and Preschool’s website met their objectives.

While it may seem overwhelming, proper planning, research, and a little foresight can help make your next redesign a huge success, and that’s exactly what we did.

Don’t take our word for it, go check out their website for yourself.

Our website revamp checklist:

Before we typed out the first line of code, we did quite a bit of planning. 

A website redesign is a big project, no matter what size your organization is, especially if you want to do it correctly.

Cutting corners typically results in a less than perfect end-product, that may do more harm than good to your marketing and sales efforts.

Step 1: Audit the current website and assets.

Our first step of recreating any website is reviewing where the current website stands.  This allows us to determine what pages are frequented, and what should be added. 

This gives us a good understanding of what content and images can be repurposed and refreshed, or what needs to be created brand new.

Additionally, we go through an existing site’s analytics to see trends and determine pages that generate a lot of organic traffic from search engines.

By adhering to best website redesign SEO practices, we were able to maintain their current search engine rankings.

Step 2: Find inspiration and survey the competition.

After auditing the site, we brainstormed what the client wanted to site to look like, and what functionality it needed to have.

Next, we performed SEO audits on competitors’ applicable keywords and the queries that The Way PDO wanted to drive visitors to their website or individual landing pages.

While we may have been redesigning the website, there was no reason to reinvent the wheel.   We employed a proven SEO method:  analyze the competition, and then beat them.

Step 3: Create / update / review brand guidelines and styles.

color palette PGTLLK8

Next, we reviewed brand guidelines and styles to ensure a cohesive design.

We assist our clients to review where their current branding guidelines stand, and what changes need to be made

  • Does it feel outdated?
  • Are the fonts hard to read?
  • Does the typography need updating?

The reason why this step is so important is so that everything designed will be consistent and showcase your company as envisioned.

Make sure all brand colors allowed have accurate portrayals, including different values such as CMYK, RGB, and Hex.

The goal of this step is to give direction to anyone who designs for your brand, and creates consistency across all media whether it be web, print, or video.

Step 4: Create a realistic timeline.

This step is often overlooked, believe it or not. Here, we create a realistic timeline.

Creating awesome websites takes time. 

website launch countdown

We conferred with The Way PDO to see when they needed their new site to be live and made suggestions to ensure the timeline was accurate.

This enabled them to create a campaign to highlight the launch of the newly designed website, generating traffic!

Plus a lot of other steps.

We won’t bore you with all of the gory details, but there were an additional 6 or so steps we utilized to make sure that the recreation of their existing website met their needs, and helped them reach their goals.

Want to learn the other steps?

Get in touch with us, and we can walk you through our website redesign process.

Our process has been proven, time and time again, to produce highly converting websites that focus on style and functionality. If your school lacks the upfront investment for a website, that’s ok. Check out our pay-by-the-month options.

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