Pinnacle Search and Rescue First Responder Website Design

March 8, 2020

When Cajun Navy 2016 rebranded and changed its name to Pinnacle Search and Rescue, they needed a new first responder website. We created an awesome website for their nonprofit.


Pinnacle Search and Rescue First Responder

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First some background on Pinnacle Search and Rescue :

The name Cajun Navy first came about in August of 2005 when catastrophic flooding struck New Orleans as a result of levee breaches during Hurricane Katrina.

Right after the flooding began, boaters throughout South Louisiana assembled and mobilized to meet up in New Orleans to assist the government in water rescues.

Although organizations all over the state began to leverage the “Cajun Navy” moniker, Cajun Navy 2016 is the “real” Cajun Navy.

In 2019, Cajun Navy 2016 renamed their organization to “Pinnacle Search and Rescue,” to separate them from the other organizations.

This group of volunteers has been recognized nationally for their selfless service.

They’ve been invited to the White House, World Series, and even have had a Discovery channel documentary about them.

Technically this project was a website redesign…

Even though they already had an existing website (as seen in the photo), we started with a blank slate.

Initially, they created a website in-house to meet the organization’s needs and goals.  Unfortunately, the hosting company used some obscure proprietary CMS, allowing little to no functionality and freedom.

This DIY website worked for them for some time; however, as the organization grew, they needed a website with more functionality and pizazz.  They realized they needed to bring on a professional design agency.

How we redesigned their website:

original cajun navy 2016 homepage cropped

After analyzing organic search traffic from the existing site, we repurposed and tweaked existing pages and posts to ensure better search rankings and overall SEO.

Learn our secret SEO tips for a successful website redesign.

Next, we consolidated some pages and blog posts and streamlined the user experience.

Because the organization is all about its community and country, we opted for a red, white, and blue color palette to match its existing logo.

Lastly, we stuck to a clean and sleek UX/UI to keep the focus on the organization and how the visitor could help.

As is typical in any nonprofit website, we made sure to put calls to action (CTA) where applicable and buttons to encourage donations.

The result:

Another happy Blaksheep Creative client (we prefer the term partner) with an optimized, responsive, functional, fast, and stylish website that helps them meet their organizational goals

We’re thankful that they trusted us with their website!.

Does your first responder or disaster relief organization’s website need redesigning?

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