Author: Alec Daniel

Alec is a veteran of the US Army with multiple combat deployments. As a sniper, he developed many skills including attention to detail. This skill was an easy benefit after transitioning into the digital space following his separation from the military. He immersed himself into a digital marketing career and began learning industry best practices. After a few of his Army friends also got out and started businesses, he began acting as their consultant to help them with their digital footprints. This led to ushering in their creation of websites and helping them develop project management skills that would assist them in coordinating future projects together; thus leading him into becoming an expert in collaboration within the field of web design & development!
why track conversions

Website Owners: Are you Tracking Conversions?

If you’re running a website, it’s important to track how well your efforts are converting into sales or other desired outcomes. This blog post will discuss some methods of tracking conversions and how to use that data to improve your website.

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