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October 14, 2023


Pro-Tec Pest Control

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Project Overview:

BlakSheep Creative had the privilege of partnering with Pro-Tec Pest Management, a renowned pest control company with over three decades of trusted experience. Pro-Tec Pest Management’s commitment to excellence and environmentally responsible pest control solutions made this collaboration a perfect fit. Our mission was clear: to create a user-friendly, informative, and visually engaging website that would redefine the way Pro-Tec Pest Management’s clients interact with their services.

The Challenge:

Pro-Tec Pest Management has a strong reputation for delivering effective pest control solutions. Still, they needed a digital platform that would not only showcase their expertise but also provide clients with valuable resources and information. The challenge was to design a website that would simplify the client’s journey, reinforce Pro-Tec Pest Management’s commitment to eco-friendly pest control, and facilitate easy appointment scheduling.

Our Solution:

  1. User-Centric Design: We started by crafting a user-centric design that puts the client’s needs first. The new website’s clean and intuitive layout allows clients to easily navigate through Pro-Tec Pest Management’s wide range of services.
  2. Informative Content: To educate clients, we enriched the website with informative content about pest control services, including termite control, pest control, bed bug control, mosquito control, and roach control. Each service was detailed to help clients understand their options better.
  3. Appointment Scheduling Tool: To enhance user convenience, we integrated an appointment scheduling tool directly into the website. Clients can now book services with just a few clicks, streamlining the process and saving time.
  4. Environmental Focus: We emphasized Pro-Tec Pest Management’s commitment to environmentally friendly pest control solutions. A dedicated section highlights their use of green and safe products that minimize harm to the environment, preserving the natural ecosystem.
  5. Blog Section: To keep clients informed, we added a blog section covering a range of pest control topics, from proactive protection strategies to eco-friendly pest control methods. This valuable resource provides insights, tips, and industry news.
  6. Service Guarantee: To build trust, we prominently displayed Pro-Tec Pest Management’s 100% Service Guarantee, certified and licensed pest management experts, and their 30 years of experience.

The Result:

The collaboration between BlakSheep Creative and Pro-Tec Pest Management culminated in the launch of an innovative website. The new platform not only showcases Pro-Tec Pest Management’s expertise but also serves as a valuable resource for homeowners and businesses dealing with pest-related challenges. With user-friendly navigation, informative content, and eco-friendly messaging, the website is a testament to Pro-Tec Pest Management’s commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility.

Client Testimonial:

“We are thrilled to introduce our new website to our valued clients. It reflects our dedication to providing the best pest control solutions and exceptional customer service. The website not only showcases our wide range of services but also offers valuable insights and resources for homeowners and businesses dealing with pest-related challenges.” – Renanda Sibley, Office Manager at Pro-Tec Pest Management.


The Pro-Tec Pest Management website project exemplifies BlakSheep Creative’s commitment to creating user-centric, informative, and visually appealing digital experiences. It has been an honor to work with Pro-Tec Pest Management in delivering a platform that aligns with their values and enhances their client’s pest control journey.

Visit the Pro-Tec Pest Management website to explore the result of this exciting collaboration and discover effective pest control solutions while embracing environmental responsibility.

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