Embellished Grace Photographer Website

Functional, Sleek, and Elegant Photography Website.

This website is for a Walker, Louisiana based professional photography studio.

It is not only gorgeous, but it sports full eCommerce functionality and third-party picture fulfillment so that the photographers don’t have to lift a finger to print and ship the final prints.

This allows them to focus on their photography sessions and create the works of art that they are best known for.

In addition to all of the functionality, this website is mobile responsive and blazing fast due to a fair amount of custom coding we’ve created on the backend.

This site was somewhat a rush-deal, as the client needed something for her customers to be able to use and purchase their child’s dance photos like yesterday.

Because of the hurry, it hasn’t been optimized for local search results just yet, but we’re working on it.

Be sure to check out Embellished Grace Photography, and if you need some awesome photos taken, give them a shot.

Let’s Create Your Photography Studio's Now!

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