Boondock Rustics Custom Furniture Company Website Design

A custom furniture company website

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When designing this home furniture website, we kept the following items in mind:

The design of a furniture website is strongly associated with the interior design or architecture, and the sense of taste associated with the product.  It was imperative that we kept that idea at the top of our priority list from design to launch.  Having done a lot of work for this custom furniture company, we knew exactly what they wanted.

Colors that attract target audience

Because people tie a website the company’s product, we used  use brown hues and wooden textures, keeping the color palette and identity consistent throughout.

Simple layout

The layout of the website is typical of any other online furniture website, with the focus being on the product, not the site.

Geared for results

Because Boondock Rustics is a small business with no frills and fancy gimmicks, their website is as well.  No fancy animations, call to actions, or other elements are present, just lots of awesome furniture.  

Let’s Create Your Custom Furniture Company's Website Now

BlakSheep Creative is your go to agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to create affordable and functional websites for your custom furniture company.  With our custom created sites, you can focus on building your wooden pieces of art.  

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