A cover band church festival flyer

Let’s be honest, many times Church Festival flyers are dull and boring, resulting in gig attendance which follows suit.

So… How can a band increase gig attendance?

According to music think tank , one way that your band can increase attendance to festivals or church fairs is to have a custom event flyer created to use in promotions (both online as well as on social media.)

It didn’t take Dirty Blonde (South Louisiana’s Leading True to the Album Cover Band,) much convincing for them to almost demand an awesome graphic for their concert at the St. Joseph’s Fair.

Because it was a church fair, we designed this church festival flyer with a Circus theme.  Circus elements are placed throughout the graphic, with the centerpiece being the band’s Ringleader, front woman Lee Alpha.

Let’s Create Your Church Fair Flyer Now!

BlakSheep Creative is your go to agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for all of your band or music group’s design needs.  From event flyers to electronic press kits, our design experts can give you all of the design elements you need to share your music to the world.

Dirty Blonde Church Festival Flyer

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