The Exotix Shed Snake Breeder Logo

A distinctive and unique logo for a snake breeding and reptile sales business.

The Exotix Shed is based right outside of New Orleans, Louisiana and specializes in all things reptile.    Although they tend to focus on ball pythons, they also carry crested geckos, bearded dragons, and all types of mice.

Because their primary reptile is a ball python, we opted to build the logo around a vector image of a snake, and build out the company’s name typography around it.

It was critical that the snake image be that of a more friendly snake, as snakes already have a sort of stigma around them, and a fanged viper would probably do more harm than good for their brand (and their bottom line).

Once we nailed down a general sketch of how this logo would look, we then created a color palette, ensuring that the colors meshed well by using complementary colors.

Next, we used some graphic styles in Adobe Illustrator to make the text “pop” by extruding the font, adding a gradient for a fill, and a drop shadow.  This made their company name appear 3 dimensional.

The result is a bold, memorable logo that represents the brand and their products.  We are currently designing their website, and can’t wait to push it live.

Here’s an update:  This companynever got off the ground, so this logo is available. 

Let us know if youre interested by clicking the button below and we’ll tweak it for you.  For next to nothing!

the exotix shed final logo
Take a look

Here's a Sneek Peek!

the exotic shed reptile breeder website design in progress

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