Patriot Guitars 12 Second Logo Reveal

August 30, 2019

Watch the exciting reveal of Patriot Guitars' new logo, crafted with precision and patriotism.


Patriot Guitars

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Patriot Guitars is a premier American guitar company handcrafting high-quality instruments in the USA. This 12-second logo reveal video showcases their commitment to quality and craftsmanship while highlighting their patriotic roots. We’re proud to have worked with Patriot Guitars on this project, and we hope you enjoy the final product!

About the Video:

Our motion video team used Adobe After Effects to create this 12-second video for Patriot Guitars.

The project called for a logo reveal, so we started with the company’s patriotic logo and added some subtle animations to bring it to life.

We then added a slow zoom out to reveal the logo in its full glory, set against a backdrop of an American flag.

Simple yet effective, this video is an excellent example of our logo animation work. Patriot Guitars was thrilled with the final product, and we hope you enjoy it as well! Thanks for watching!

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