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January 3, 2020

See how this painting company website design was created and why it's simply beautiful. We specialize in painting company websites!


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A Custom Website for a commercial painting contractor.

painters in nc painting company website design

Painters in NC is a full-service professional painting company in North Carolina. They approached us about redesigning their existing website, as their old site wasn’t “modern enough,” or SEO optimized enough for search engines.

First, we took the existing content from their current website and tweaked it a little, making sure to tell the story of their brand and the high-quality painting services that they provide.

Next, we made sure to include high-definition images of some of their painting jobs, because even if hundreds of people highly recommend you, people still want to see visual examples.

Because customer reviews influence purchase decisions, we advised them to publish those reviews on any of their painting projects on their website and on social media. (this website is currently in phase 2 of the development process, and we are still awaiting content for their reviews section.) 

It’s vital to show the world that you value customer service!

Another critical element of any residential painting contractor’s website is a projects section. This particular site is designed to showcase recent painting jobs, as well as show images of the beautiful work that Painters In NC does.

And of course, we added (and wrote) some blog posts to keep them relevant and authoritative in their industry.  

Stumped about what to write for your painting company blog?  Here are 365 blog post ideas for painting companies.

Aside from those elements, the rest of the website contains your standard pages:

  • Home
  • About
  • Contact
  • Privacy Policy

The result was a relatively simple, SEO-friendly, and affordable painting website that has already generated lots of business!

That’s why we’re Baton Rouge’s leading web development agency.

Let us create a new website for your painting company, or redesign your old one.

Because customer service is our number one priority, you can rest assured you will be in safe hands.  Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say.

Get in touch with us today and let’s discuss your needs and goals, and how we can reach them together. Save yourself money by getting one of our pay-by-the-month website plans.

Feel free to check them out on our projects page.  Although the industry and niche may change, one thing remains the same – we create awesome websites that convert your visitors into customers.  Helping our clients reach their goals is our number 1 priority. Fill out the form below for more info.

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