Metal Man Restoration Redesign Project

April 2, 2023


Metal Man Restoration

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metal man restoration website redesign project

BlakSheep Creative was approached by Metal Man Restoration, a leading metal restoration company in Mount Vernon, NY, to recreate their website using the Wayback Machine after it vanished due to PHP issues.

Project Goals

  1. Recreate the website: The website needed to be recreated using the Wayback Machine as a reference.
  2. Enhance the user experience: The new website should be easy to navigate, visually appealing, and informative to make it easy for users to find the information they need.
  3. Showcase services: The new website should clearly showcase the full range of services that Metal Man Restoration offers, including metal restoration and refinishing services.
  4. Increase online presence: The new website should be optimized for search engines and designed to attract more visitors to the site.
  5. Improve mobile responsiveness: The new website should be designed to be responsive across all devices, including desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Scope of Work

The scope of work for this project included:

  1. Recreation of the website: We recreated the Metal Man Restoration website using the Wayback Machine as a reference.
  2. Design and development of a new website: We designed and developed a new website that met the project goals and objectives. The website was developed using modern web development technologies and best practices.
  3. Content creation: We created and optimized the content for the website, including the service pages, blog posts, and other necessary pages.
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We optimized the website for search engines to improve online visibility and attract more traffic to the website.
  5. Improve mobile responsiveness: We ensured the website was optimized for all devices, including desktop, tablet, and mobile.


The final deliverables for the project included:

  1. A recreated website using the Wayback Machine.
  2. A new website design that met the project goals and objectives.
  3. A fully functional and optimized website that was responsive across all devices.
  4. A content strategy and content creation for the website.
  5. SEO optimized website.


We were excited to work with Metal Man Restoration to recreate and redesign their website to improve user experience, increase online presence, and showcase their services. The new website was designed to enhance the user experience, showcase services, increase online presence, and improve mobile responsiveness.

We worked closely with the client to ensure the project met their expectations and was delivered on time.

The use of the Wayback Machine was a unique and innovative approach that allowed us to recreate the website from scratch and successfully meet the client’s needs.

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