Link Up Livingston Website Design and Development

October 31, 2021

A new website for the grassroots effort of bridging the broadband internet gap in Livingston Parish, Louisiana. It’s more than just a website; it represents real people, real businesses, real homes, and most importantly — it represents opportunity!


Link Up Livingston

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The team at BlakSheep Creative is proud to announce our latest project, a website for Link Up Livingston.

We are so excited about the opportunity and privilege that will come with working on such an essential grassroots effort!

About the Website

The Link Up Livingston website is designed to be user-friendly and easily accessible by Livingston Parish residents. It includes information about the organization, newsletter signup, broadband internet resources, and a speed test.

Internet Speed Test

Because the Link Up Livingston committee is focused on meeting the needs of those with slow internet speeds, we added a speed test section to their website.

They wanted it to be clear, simple, and easy to find—a user would go to the page and enter their address. Then they could quickly and easily take a speed test and learn more about how fast (or slow) their home network may be.

Once users perform the test and input the results, the data goes into a database and is exported to a Google Sheet via Zapier. This allows the committee members to view the results in real-time and better guide their outreach efforts.

Zapier is our go-to when it comes to creating custom workflows for form submittals. Read how we used it for Cajun Navy 2016 during Hurricane Ida.

The Link Up Livingston initiative aims to bridge the digital divide in Louisiana by providing broadband internet access.

This committee was formed by State Representative District 71, Buddy Mincey Jr.’s office after he witnessed first-hand what it’s like not having a stable connection at home or work.

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