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Liberty Church BR Launch Event Video

A Launch video for a local church.

They approached us with a desire to create a church intro video to announce their upcoming launch. We decided to keep it simple, utilizing pictures from the church’s previous events, as well as their history.

This (much like all of our motion graphic projects) was created in Adobe After Effects. Lots of bokeh elements were added to make this church intro video “pop.” Numerous cameras were added to the project to give the appearance of immersion and movement.

We kept the following Church Intro Video design principles in mind:

  • Speed:
    The video is actually hosted on Vimeo, a go-to hosting platform for videos.  Their speed and reliability makes it an obvious choice for high video hosting.
  • Brevity:
    We went straight to the point.  A study published by Microsoft in 2015 found that the average human’s attention span has fallen from a thoughtful 12 seconds in 2000 (when mobile tech was starting to bloom) down to 8 seconds by 2013.

The result was an example of how churches and other ministries can harness technology to spread their message of the Gospel in an effective way.  Church Intro Videos such as this one allow for easy sharing on social media.  This provides a cost-efficient way to broadcast their mission, location, meeting times, and any other pertinent information.

Let’s Create Your Church's Launch Video Now

BlakSheep Creative is your go to agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to create promotional videos, intro videos, sermon teasers, sermon bumpers, or any other digital assets necessary to support you and your mission.

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