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JAB Properties Home Inspection Company Introduction Video

One of the best ways to market your home inspection company is to do informational introduction videos

The average home owner has no idea of what goes into a home inspection.  As part of JAB Properties marketing plan, we created this video in an effort to help them market their services, as well as inform its’ viewers as to exactly what a home inspection entails.

We used Nachi’s Powerpoint Presentations as a guideline to create this video.  InterNACHI is the world’s leading association for home inspectors, so it only stood to reason that they were the experts on the topic.  We simply took their information, packaged it, and designed an informative home inspection specific video with the information.

Let’s Create Your Company's Introduction Video Now!

BlakSheep Creative is your go to agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to create introduction videos for your company or brand.  Leverage the power of social media and social media marketing to inform potential customers about your brand and services. 

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