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April 15, 2022

BlakSheep Creative was happy to help EZ Solar & Electrical with their website design project. Our team created a custom site that is modern, easy to navigate, and showcases the company's services in the most effective way possible.


EZ Solar & Electrical

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EZ Solar & Electrical approached BlakSheep Creative for a complete website redesign. The old site was dated and not user-friendly, so our team set out to create a new site that would be modern, easy to navigate and showcase the company’s services in the most effective way possible.

Our team worked closely with EZ Solar & Electrical to understand their business and what they wanted to achieve with their new website. We then created a custom design to meet their goals and help them stand out from the competition. The new site is now live, and we’re happy to report that EZ Solar & Electrical is delighted with the results!

Home Page

The home page features a clean, modern design with easy-to-navigate menus. The hero image showcases the company’s solar panels, and the call to action buttons are prominently displayed to encourage users to learn more about the company’s services.

Service Pages

The service pages provide detailed information about each of the company’s services. The pages are designed to convert visitors into leads, and the forms are easy to use and mobile-friendly.

Solar Assessment Widget

The site features a custom solar assessment widget that allows users to input their addresses and determine how much they could save by switching to solar power. This is an excellent way for potential customers to get an idea of the benefits of going solar, and it helps EZ Solar & Electrical with lead generation.

Call to Actions

We’ve included strong calls to action (CTAs) throughout the site that encourage users to get in touch with EZ Solar & Electrical. We’ve also included the solar assessment widget on its own page to allow them to rank higher in search results for relevant keywords.

Mobile-Friendly Design

All websites need to be mobile-friendly these days, and we made sure that the new EZ Solar & Electrical site was designed with responsiveness in mind.

This means that it looks great and is easy to use on all devices, from smartphones to tablets to laptops.

Fast Loading Speed

We also optimized the site for speed, which is vital for both users and search engines. A fast-loading website will keep users happy and is more likely to rank higher in search results.

Blog Posts To Come

Because it’s a new website, there aren’t any blog posts live yet. However, we’ve got some excellent content lined up to be published soon. This will help attract new visitors to the site and keep existing users coming back for more.

These posts on solar panels and other services will help EZ Solar & Electrical rank higher in search results and help build their E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).

The Results – A Solar Website Design that Converts!

The new EZ Solar & Electrical website is now live, and we’re happy to report that the client is delighted with the results. The site is modern, easy to use, and converts visitors into leads. We’ve also helped them rank higher in search results and attract new visitors with our blog posts.

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About EZ Solar & Electrical

EZS&E is a San Diego, CA-based solar company specializing in solar panel installation. They offer various services to their customers, including solar panel assessment, installation, and maintenance.

EZ Solar & Electrical is committed to providing the best possible service to their clients and helping them save money on their energy bills. 

They also offer roofing and electrical services to customers in the San Diego Area. Founded in 2010, this small company has grown into one of California’s leading solar energy providers.

This is the part where we would include a link to their website, however, we’ve since parted ways. We wish EZ Solar the best in its endeavors.

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