BlakSheep Creative V1.0 – Our Original Graphic Designer Website

This is our original website, and the one that tends to get all of the “experiments,” performed on. Unfortunately, it seems that web developers tend to neglect their own sites.

The WEB has evolved, and continues to evolve, your website should too.

If you look at the evolution of the web, you’ll notice that technologies and best practices are forever changing. As a result, we have two separate websites for development, A/B testing, and experimentation. BlakSheep Creative V1.0 is one of the first websites we’ve created, and we continue to improve upon it.

Why multiple graphic designer websites?

There are pros and cons to having more than one website. Both graphic designer websites for BlakSheep Creative were developed and designed utilizing two distinctly different methods. In doing this, we were able to become more versatile and are able to deploy different technologies and tactics to ensure that you get the exact website that you want (and need).

Now back to our original website:

We utilize video, audio, web, graphic design and all elements imaginable to showcase our previous works. While the portfolio on the site is not, by any means, all-inclusive, it manages to showcase some of our various works, and give an overall idea of what we can accomplish. This is exactly the intent of a graphic designer website.

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