BR Soldier Outreach Nonprofit Website Development

Website for a Soldier Support organization

Nonprofit Website Suggested Items:

  1. Streamlined Donation Page BR Soldier Outreach opted to use a simple PayPal donation feature.  We had to make sure that the donation page did not have any links that would distract and direct people off the page before they make their gift. The overall page is short and sweet, capturing only the most important information necessary.
  2. Social Media Links Although they didn’t have an overwhelming social media presence, we included links to the organization’s social media accounts throughout the website and ensure that these links are in the blog posts and newsletters sent to subscribers via a RSS Feed.  For that task, Mailchimp is integrated into the website.  We also made sure to give visitors the option to share your content on other social media platforms. You can use tools such as Share This so that readers can share material that resonates with them most.
BR Soldier Outreach Website Screenshot

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